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My Top 4 Scariest SCP’s

SCP – Secure Contain Protect

Today I write to talk to you about the SCP Foundation, they work to secure anomalies, containing them and protecting humanity from the dangers that they pose. The anomalies range from objects to living creatures, from places to distortions. These anomalies are categorized as SCP’s with varying levels of danger and containment required.

The wiki is chock full of interesting, funny and terrifying articles about the SCP’s themselves, and many bloggers, YouTubers and writers have made list upon list of them. I’ve categorized my own list explaining the SCP and why I think it is so effective at giving us the chills.

In no order here is my Top Four Scariest SCPS.


You can’t have a top ten list without mentioning SCP-173, the image that goes with it (not reproduced here) is chilling enough, the disproportionate body and the blank staring eyes. SCP-173 is like the weeping angels seen on Doctor Who, in the sense that it is immobilized by people looking at it. If someone has eyes on it, it’s essentially harmless. However, if the watcher blinks then SCP-173 moves, very quickly. It is noted as being “animate and extremely hostile” killing any it can by snapping the neck or strangling.

However, what always freaked me out was the little details, the sound of scraping from its cell when no one is present, indicating movement. The mixture of fecal waste and blood that accumulates on the floor around it when SCP-173 is made from concrete.



Photo by Ekaterina on Pexels.com

This was one of the first SCP’s that I came across in my YouTube wanderings and it has stuck with me. SCP-087 is a staircase (sounds terrifying right?). The stairway is unlit making visibility very restricted. A light source is needed but unless you have one over 75 watts you’re still not going to be able to see as the darkness contained in SCP-087 absorbs light. SCP personnel who have entered SCP-087 have reported hearing distressed children and is always 200 meters below you no matter how far down you go.

The stairway has no known end, both up and down do higher and deeper than the campus that contains it. SCP-087 is also the home of SCP-087-1 a human-ish face with no viable pupils, nostrils or mouth, it induces a feeling of intense paranoia in those it meets.

SCP-087 is a frightening inclusion to the SCP catalog for several reasons, the lack of explanation about what the hell it is being one of them. The occupants of SCP-087 add to the feeling of otherness that it evokes, the crying child that cannot be located or reached and the floating human face causing people to become paranoid. Also, the expedition that went down and never returned, all combine to make SCP-087 one of the most frightening in the collection.


Photo by Matthis Volquardsen on Pexels.com

SCP-1382 is a buoy that sits atop a sunken aircraft. The aircraft crashed and unsurprisingly the passengers did not survive this. That’s not what makes this SCP frightening, however, it’s the fact that the buoy repeatedly sends out a distress signal and when it does the remains of the passengers reanimate and relive the crash that killed them.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine anything worse than dying a violent death and being forced to relive it repeatedly.


Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

SCP-513 is a bell. Just a bell, but one that the foundation keeps suspended in a cube of gelatine to prevent it from being touched or making a sound. It even comes with a delightful, sort of poem!

You’ve seen it. Now he can hear you.

You’ve touched it. Now he can see you.

Never ring it. If you hear it, he can touch you.

See, charming.

But no, as the small piece of text may suggest SCP-513 seems to be a device for summoning SCP-513-1. Anyone who is exposed to the ringing of SCP-513 immediately experiences a feeling of anxiety and of being watched. An hour after hearing SCP-513 they will start to spot someone out of the corner of their eye, opening doors, passing mirrors etc to start with SCP-513-1 will run and hide. SCP-513-1 will continue to stalk, causing massive anxiety and sleep deprivation, but humans can only go without sleep for so long and once asleep SCP-513-1 will attack, fleeing when its intended victim wakes. This behavior will continue until the victim ends their own life, which has happened with every test the foundation has run.

SCP-513 is a creepy SCP for many reasons, personally, I find horror most effective when I can’t see what it is I’m supposed to fear, the fact that I cannot perceive something, but it can perceive, touch and harm me is something I find terrifying. The wiki article explains that none of the test subjects/victims can describe SCP-513, so no one really sees it more than enough to know its there. There is no way to defend against it because no one else can see it.

Charming yes?

Do you have your favorite SCP’s if you don’t then I highly recommend checking out the Wiki http://www.scp-wiki.net/ or carrying out a YouTube search for an SCP reading or list, some YouTubers have gone the extra mile and have enacted the mission logs and some have created footage for the extra creepy effect.

I'd love to hear what you think, please comment below.

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