Katie's Stories

Katie’s Stories: Places No One Goes: Part One

Today I want to tell you a story…

The following is a transcript of the audio logs made by Agent Darren Hollister, Charlie Class Field Agent.

 The log was recovered from site G2 in Columbia’s Northern Mountains and details the failed Mission 365H.

 Audio log was recovered from forest surrounding Site G2, along with various damaged equipment. At the time of transcribing no agents, living or deceased, have yet been recovered.

 Transcription not to be distributed to any agent under Bravo Class. Highly classified.

Day One

Entry 1.1


Time: 21:00

Location: Camp D-3418G.

Hollister:        Ok, I think that’s it, the lights blinking, we have a working recorder.

Hollister:        Right, let’s get the official stuff out of the way; this is the audio log of Agent Darren Hollister, Charlie Class Field Agent. Agent in command of mission 365H. The mission objective is to investigate the recent disappearances in and around the area of the closed factory site G2. Base command is Agent Sarah McIntyre, Bravo Class Agent in charge of external missions.

Hollister:        Ok, dossier says that site G2 was abandoned in the early 1970’s and has been believed to be derelict and empty since the abandonment. At the time of abandonment all test subjects were either removed or destroyed and the site itself was heavily cleansed. Ok, seems straight forward enough, everything was moved or burned, no problems there.

Vinci:            If that’s the case, why are we here?

Hollister:        With me is agent John Vinci, Lima Class Field Agent, who has obviously not read the mission briefing.

Vinci:            You know me too well boss man.

Hollister:        You exhaust me Vinci. Anyway, Management and Applied Sciences thought the recent disappearances in the area were down to non-Company causes.

Vinci:            Like a madman with an axe.

Hollister:        Quiet Vinci. As it turns out intelligence says otherwise. So Mission 365H is reconnaissance to identify and locate the cause of the disappearances.

Vinci:            Otherwise? … really that’s all intelligence says? Nothing else, just otherwise. Well thank you intelligence, really living up to your name there, helpful as always.

Vinci:            So, I’m guessing that means our job is to find out if the disappearances are caused by people being dumb and getting themselves killed or if maybe site G2 wasn’t as heavily cleansed as we thought.

Hollister:        That pretty much sums it up, yes.

Vinci:            This is a big waste of our time, the site was cleansed over 30 years ago and it’s been quiet since then. If this was something of ours then disappearances wouldn’t be the only problem and there’s no way that it would have waited till now to act up. You know, next time you want to send us on a pointless mission to the arse end of nowhere they could at least send us somewhere tropical, with beautiful women and drinks with little umbrellas.

Hollister:        You volunteered for this detail, Vinci. Now if you don’t mind I’d like to finish the log.

Vinci:            Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here in the cold and the drizzle and fantasize about warm beaches and warmer ladies.

Hollister:        You could go to bed, Vinci. I want to get out of camp at first light, make it as close to the next camp as early as we can. The sooner we get out of this forest the better.

Vinci:            Can’t argue with you on that one boss man, this place is too cold.

Hollister:        Bed, Vinci. Now.

Vinci:            Alright, alright I’m going.

Hollister:        Where was I? Damn this thing still recording? Bloody technology. Bugger it, I’ll edit it when we’re back.

Hollister:        The team is made up of me, Dr Ferguson and Dr Stephens from site F,

Vinci:            Nerds!

Hollister:        Vinci, I Swear to any god that’ll listen I will leave you here unless you get out of my tent right now.

Vinci:            Fine, I’m gone.

Hollister:        Asshole. Anyway, Dr Ferguson, Dr Stephens and their three assistants, Kaitlin, Simon and Gavin, whose sole job it seems is to carry the bags,

Vinci:            Little science Sherpa’s.

Hollister:        Then lastly there’s me and my boys Harrison and Vinci. Agent Vinci however will not be returning home as I am about to shoot him.

Recording End

Day Two

Entry 2.1


Time: 06:32

Location: North of Camp D-3418G.

Hollister:        Day two and we’re running a behind schedule before we’ve even started thanks to Agent Vinci. But I’m not surprised.

Vinci:            It’s not my fault, it was the nerds, they’re super high maintenance.

Hollister:        Quiet Vinci.

Recording End

Day Two

Entry 2.2


Time: 09:40

Location: North of Camp D-3418G.

Vinci:            We’re not out here three hours and already the GPS equipment is acting screwy. Cheap bastards, one of these days I’ll get a proper kit and put the whole thing on expenses.

Hollister:        Lucky for you Harrison and I were trained before all your fancy computers were invented, so we don’t have to run home the minute the GPS craps out on us. This is why I think we should still be teaching the ‘old’ stuff as well as all that computer nonsense.

Vinci:            It’s not nonsense, when it works the GPS is a godsend.

Hollister:        When it works. Wait what are you doing with my dicta phone?

Vinci:            I’m trying to get the batteries out for the GPS.

Hollister:        Don’t you dare, Vinci. You should have brought batteries for your own equipment, don’t cannibalise mine.

Vinci:            But you hate making logs!

Hollister:        It’s procedure and unlike you I take my job seriously. You’re lucky I do or else you’d have died a hundred times over by now.

Vinci:            GPS is more important than logs! Ask the nerds, they went all pale and nervous when I told them my GPS had crapped out.

Hollister:        Apparently, they’ve never heard of a map and compass.

Vinci:            Fear spreads boss man. Soon it’ll spread to the little science sherpa’s. The littlest one, Gavin, already looks like he might wet himself at any moment. How am I supposed to deal with that? Why the hell did HQ send kids out here anyway? Surely Dr Ferguson and Stephens could carry their own crap.

Hollister:        I’m not giving you my dicta phones batteries. I don’t care if Gavin does wet himself.

Vinci:            Spoil sport.

Recording End

Day Two

Entry 2.3


Time: 17:00

Location: Camp D-5428H.

Hollister:        Despite Vinci’s concerns I have managed to get us to Camp D-5428H without his GPS. We have made camp without too much issue, although Dr Ferguson and Dr Stephens have decided that it is not their lot in life to help set a tent. Makes me wonder if these guys have ever done field work before? Cause they sure as hell seem to think this is some kind of luxury hike, where they just bumble along and get waited on. I might find a reason for the little science Sherpa’s to be busy with my boys at next camp, see what the Lord Doctor’s do then. Assholes.

Recording End

Day Three

Entry 3.1


Time: 07:20

Location: North of Camp D-5428H

Hollister:        Day three, I’ve had my coffee and we’re back on the road, spirits are higher this morning now that the drizzle has stopped. It didn’t take us long to head out, to give them credit the little Science Sherpa’s learn fast. Keen as mustard the three of them.

Vinci:            Even the little wimp, Gavin, is looking brighter today, a bit less jumpy.

Hollister:        Vinci, you realise a log is an official recording and will be kept in the archives?

Vinci:            Yes.

Hollister:        So when Gavin qualifies as one of the doctors and out ranks you significantly there will always be a recording of you referring to him as a wimp.

Vinci:            So? He is a wimp.

Hollister:        Career progression isn’t a concept your aware of is it?

Vinci:            Can’t say that I care much boss man. As long as I’ve got enough to get by I’m happy with as little responsibility as I can get.

Hollister:        That does not surprise me.

Hollister:        Anyway, we’ve been on the road for about an hour by my watch and I think we’re getting a bit turned around. The next rest point Harrison and I will re-evaluate the position.

Vinci:            I could send a Science Sherpa up a tree at the next rest break? Wimpy Gavin mentioned it a few minutes ago, I think he might be trying to show off to Kaitlyn, he seemed almost enthusiastic about going up the tree.

Hollister:        I’m not going to stop him climbing trees; I’m agent in command not a baby sitter.

Recording End

Day Three

Entry 3.2


Time: 15:48

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        We lost Gavin this afternoon.

Hollister:        Kid went up a tree at lunch and just vanished.

Vinci:            God that sounds so stupid when you say out loud. How the hell do you vanish up a tree? Where do you even go?

Hollister:        Regardless of the idiocy Vinci, that’s what he did. Now if you wouldn’t mind I have to make an accurate record of events. Let me think, he went up at about 13:00, and we didn’t hear from him again. At 13:45 we started getting the gear together to move on, Kaitlin was making a fuss, “Gavin wasn’t ready, he’s still up the tree.” Naturally, I was not amused; I stood there hollering up at him to get his scrawny backside down here.

Vinci:            Damn kid was so bloody nervous that your screaming at him should have made him fall out the tree.

Hollister:        It wasn’t screaming Vinci, I was shouting. After nearly an hour of waiting and hollering, so about 14:15 I sent Harrison up there after him. Ten minutes go by and Harrison comes down, but no Gavin. The tree was clear.

Hollister:        Well, I figured the kid’s gone and fallen, he wasn’t exactly athletic. So, we search the area, and we find nothing. No Gavin, no body, no anything. Harrison says the tree didn’t look like the kid fell, no braches broken, and no disturbance anywhere, absolutely nothing.

Vinci:            Kid just disappeared.

Hollister:        I should never have let him go up the tree.

Vinci:            Hey boss man there’s no way you could have known that…

Hollister:        Save it Vinci, go and … just go. I need to figure out how we’re going to get to the next camp.

Recording End

Day Four

Entry 4.1


Time: 09:23

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        Day four, we got a late start out today. Couldn’t locate the next camp last night. Spent the night in an unmarked clearing and I’m unsure of this mornings direction.

Hollister:        The remaining Sherpa’s can’t understand why we’re leaving. They keep asking if we’re going to wait for Gavin to come back, and why aren’t we looking harder for him. Damn you, Sarah, for giving me untrained kids on this. What the hell am I meant to tell them?

Recording End

Day Four

Entry 4.2


Time: 11:34

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        Progress is steady now that we’re moving. Direction is more certain than it was this morning. I’m confident we’re heading north. There’s nothing worth reporting. But if I’m talking into this thing it means I don’t have to keep trying to talk to the Sherpa’s, or the doctors. I don’t know what’s worse, the sad little Sherpa’s or the disturbingly not-upset doctors.

Vinci:            I’m here, you could talk to me.

Hollister:        Thank you for the offer Vinci, but I doubt you’d be much help.

Vinci:            More help than a dicta phone!

Hollister:        Doubtful.

Vinci:            I could tell you stories about my adventures on that beach in Cuba!

Hollister:        No thank you, Vinci.

Recording End

Day Four

Entry 4.3


Time: 19:49

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        Something is wrong with Kaitlyn.

Hollister:        Harrison and Vinci keep saying she’s only upset but I think there’s something else. I came out of my tent this evening to take a leak and she was standing at the edge of camp talking into the forest.

Hollister:        At first I figure she’s making her peace with Gavin and take a step back to give her space but that wasn’t it at all. The girl was having a full blown conversation with a damn tree. Asking it how long it’s been out here, what’s it been doing, why has it chosen to talk to her and not one of the doctors. I don’t know how to handle that nonsense. So I sent Harrison out to deal with it as he’s such an expert.

Harrison:       Darren?

Hollister:        Harrison, come in.

Harrison:       I got her back to her tent. But you might be right. I think losing Gavin might have knocked something lose. I’ve seen it before in the soldiers. See one to many deaths and you lose yourself.

Hollister:        What do you think?

Harrison:       Nothing much to think, she’s compliant enough, I say we keep going. It’s not like we can send her back. Or even have Vinci take her back, not until we figure out where we are anyway.

Hollister:        No, I suppose not. I’ve been looking over the maps and I hate to admit that I’m having trouble. I’d appreciate your eye on this.

Harrison:       We’ve been heading north?

Hollister:        I know, but we should have found camp D-3521F, we should have found it at lunch time. I was planning on stopping there and letting the Science Sherpas wrap their heads around losing Gavin.

Harrison:       Science Sherpas?

Hollister:        Vinci’s name for them, it’s stuck now.

Harrison:       Fair enough. So, we should be here and we’re obviously not. Any landmarks?

Hollister:       the river is the next landmark if we keep heading North we should come across it in the next day or so. Only thing I can think of is that maybe we’ve veered West a bit too much and missed the camp, probably walked right by the thing.

Harrison:       We’ll get a better idea tomorrow, we’ve been going up hill for a while now so we should come out somewhere where we can get a view soon.

Hollister:        True.

Harrison:       Your Dictaphone is flashing, are you recording?

Hollister:        Probably, I can’t quiet get the knack of the thing, keep leaving it on.

Recording End

End of Part One

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