Katie's Stories

Katie’s Stories: Places No One Goes: Part 3

Today I would like to conclude our story…

The following is a transcript of the audio logs made by Agent Darren Hollister, Charlie Class Field Agent.

 The log was recovered from site G2 in Columbia’s Northern Mountains and details the failed Mission 365H.

 Audio log was recovered from forest surrounding Site G2, along with various damaged equipment. At the time of transcribing no agents, living or deceased, have yet been recovered.

 Transcription not to be distributed to any agent under Bravo Class. Highly classified.

Day Nine

Day Nine

Entry 9.1


Time: 09:15

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        Day nine, Harrison is missing.

Day Nine

Entry 9.2


Time: 11:54

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        Vinci and I followed Harrison’s tracks two thirds of the way round the perimeter before we lost them. We backtracked and tried again, but every time we got two thirds of the way round we lost all trace of him.

Vinci:            People don’t just vanish. Especially not people like Harrison, he knew what he was doing. He should have been ok, at least ok enough to send up a flare or something if he ran into trouble.

Hollister:        Vinci, I know. But facts are facts, Harrison is gone, long gone by the looks of these tracks. Now we need to …

Vinci:            Hold up! Harrison? Is that you?

Hollister:        Vinic what are you … holy shit.

Vinci:            Harrison you old bastard you scared the living…what are you doing bossman that’s Harrison.

Hollister:        Stay where you are.

Vinic:            You’re mental. Harrison! Harrison!

Hollister:        Stop screaming and pay attention.

Vinci:            I am paying attention, that’s Harrison.

Hollister:        Look properly and tell me exactly what you see.

Vinci:            Harrison.

Hollister:        Vinci, look properly.

Vinci:            Fine, I see a man, in the distance, about forty feet or so away maybe.

Hollister:        Look at his face.

Vinci:            He’s to far away.

Hollister:        Look at his face you prat

Vinci:            Fine, I … what the hell? Where’s his face? Harrison?

Hollister:        Vinci wait! Ahh! What the Hell!

Vinci:            How is it screaming! Bossman!

Hollister:        Vinci get out of here! *gun shots*

Vinci:            What?! Wait why are you shooting at Harrison!

Hollister:        Get out of here! It’s not falling.

Vinci:            I can’t hear you.

Hollister:        Fucking run!

Day Nine

Entry 9.3


Time: 12:00

Location: Unknown

Vinci:            No one else heard it. How could they not hear that!

Hollister:        I don’t know what to tell you.

Vinci:            It was louder than the foghorn on the damn freighter ships. I felt it in my bones, my organs are still vibrating from it.

Hollister:        I don’t know, Vinci.

Vinci:            It sounded like the world was tearing itself apart and no one else heard it.

Hollister:        Vinci!

Vinci:            It was Harrison though right?

Hollister:        No. It wasn’t Harrison. I couldn’t have shot it if it wasn’t Harrison.

Vinci:            Well you missed so it might have been him.

Hollister:        I didn’t miss Vinci. I hit it square in the chest three times and the damn thing didn’t flinch. It wasn’t Harrison.

Day Nine

Entry 9.4


Time: 13:00

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        We’ve set off again, I figured we might as well make some progress today. Put some space between us and whatever the hell that thing was. Vinci is still convinced tat it was Harrison, I can see why he’s confused, it was in Harrisons uniform, it was the same height but it wasn’t Harrison. I’ve known Harrison for years, and that thing was not my friend.  I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t him.

Hollister:        I’ve been hearing footsteps along side us now for the last ten minutes. I doubt this damn thing will pick up the sound but I hear them clear as a bell, even over the constant hum. Whatever it is that’s in this forest is with us now.

Day Nine

Entry 9.5


Time: 19:00

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        We stopped after a couple of miles; at least I think it was a couple of miles. I’m losing my sense of space in this place as well as my sense of time. I thought it was mid-afternoon but it’s already getting dark. Vinci has insisted on running a perimeter check despite my orders not to. He seems to have gone anyway.

Hollister:        I don’t expect he’ll be back.

Day Nine

Entry 9.5


Time: 19:30

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        Vinci! You made it back.

Vinci:            Bossman, I need to speak with you. Away from camp.

Hollister:        Alright.

Vinci:            Thanks.

Hollister:        We’re far enough away now, what is it?

Vinci:            I found Harrison.

Hollister:        I already told you! That thing is not …

Vinci:            I know, I mean I found Harrison. Come on, just a bit this way.

Hollister:        Vinci, you better not be pulling something or I swear to all that’s holy that I will not be held responsible for my actions.

Vinci:            No joke bossman. There, look there.

Hollister:       That’s a tree, Vinci. A damn big one, looks like it’s been struck by lightening. But it isn’t Harrison.

Vinci:            I know that! Do you think I’ve lost my sense? Look inside the tree.

Hollister:        What the hell is that! Holy mother of … Vinci, what the?

Vinci:            Yeah, I threw up as well. But not before I spotted his ID, look the the branch on your left.

Hollister:        dog tags, they hung up his dog tags.

Vinci:            left them there so we’d know it was him.

Day Ten

Entry 10.1


Time: 10:30

Location: Unknown

Vinci:            The doctor’s know exactly what they are looking for. Those assholes, they knew, and if they knew then HQ knew.

Hollister:        Just figure that out, Vinci?

Vinci:            Why aren’t we packing up?

Hollister:        Look out there, at the trees, just to the right of the sapling.

Vinci:            What I don’t see … oh fuck.

Hollister:        Yeah, he’s been watching us since first light, probably through the night as well though we couldn’t spot him.

Vinci:            It came back.

Hollister:        Yeah, every time I look away the fucker moves. So I’m staring him down. If I keep looking at him he stays still.  I want you to take the kid and go, leave me and the asshole doctors here.

Vinci:            Ugh bossman the doctors are gone.

Hollister:        What?

Vinci:            Yeah the tents are empty, they left all their gear, can’t find no tracks neither, but did find blood just past the perimeter that wasn’t there before.

Hollister:        Why didn’t you tell me!

Vinci:            I am telling you, this is me telling you.

Hollister:        Well, regardless I still want you to take the kid and make a run for it. I’ll keep that fucker here.

Vinci:            You really think staring at it is keeping it here?

Hollister:        Makes as much sense as anything else.

Vinci:            I’ll go check on the kid.

Day Ten

Entry 10.2


Time: 12:00

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        I blinked. I blinked and the damn thing was gone.

Hollister:        Vinci’s gone, didn’t see him go, or the kid. But checking the camp now and they’re both gone, all their gear is still here so I don’t think they left willingly.

Day Ten

Entry 10.3


Time: 13:00

Location: Unknown

Hollister:        It’s back.

Hollister:        I’m going to go down fighting, I know it wont do a damn thing but I’m not just going to sit here and wait to vanish, only to turn up mutilated somewhere else. Come and get me you rat bastard, I’ll make it hurt for you!

The recording cuts out at this point.

 No living or deceased remains were recovered from the location where the recording device was found. The handheld recording device was located at the top of a {INFORMATION CLASSIFIED} tree, approximately 15 miles from site G2. There was no evidence of damage or disturbance to the {INFORMATION CLASSIFIED} tree leaving it a mystery as to how the recording device ended up in that location.

 No evidence of gas leaking from site G2 has been confirmed.

 No evidence of any creature in or around site G2 has been confirmed.

 Plans to send a second team are being finalised.

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