Real World Horror

Real World Horror: The Haunted Cane

Last week I made a decision

I made a decision!

I decided that as I was enjoying the increased writing schedule for our letters I would increase it further. Lol, who needs sleep!

However, I wanted to try something a bit different. The majority of my letters are about writing, in particular, writing horror. Although, I do talk regularly about consuming horror in its many forms and mediums, such as through the internet in the form of Creepypastas and through video games and films.

I have decided as I said above to try something a bit different on Saturdays. Being that I am deeply attached to most things ghoulish and creepy I decided to implement this into my letters more by talking each and every Saturday about horror in the real world. I will be covering topics such as Haunted objects, creepy places and ancient creepy folk stories that might just be true (or that people thought were true at some point or another).

So, prepare for Real-World Horror letters on Saturdays!

Today I am writing to you about the Haunted Cane! A gentle start to the letters, I think.

How much would you pay for a haunted object? I imagine it would depend on the object and how haunted it was. Perhaps a ghost is worth more or less than a demon or ghoul? A haunted car might be worth more or less than a haunted jam jar?

The pricing of a haunted object was given much consideration back in December 2004, by when they paid $65,000.00 for a haunted cane.

The cane previously belonged to Mary Anderson and before her, it belonged to her father. Mary sold the cane when her son became convinced that the ghost of his grandfather was haunting their home.

I’ve searched the web and while this story isn’t hard to locate, what exactly the grandfather’s ghost was doing to convince his grandson he was still present is not overly alluded to.

Mary sold the cane with the condition that whoever purchased it should contact her and her son (via letter) to confirm that the ghost had arrived safely and was happy in his new home.

So, what do you think, are you convinced on the thin evidence that the cane was haunted by the ghost of an old man? Or do you think this was just a case of a loving mother trying to ease a frightened child’s fears?

8 thoughts on “Real World Horror: The Haunted Cane”

  1. I’m really enjoying your blogs on horror. As a screenwriter, I am always being reminded that horror sells. Horror films are cheaper to make and so are popular with producers. When I peruse my Hulu and Netflix, so much of it are/is horror films, so I’m sure that info is correct. I’ve not been a fan and am not sure I’d have the chops to create such a project. Through your blogs I’m learning… however, I would like to know why people enjoy them so. The extent of my horror experience was when I was a teen to view such films based on Edgar Allen Poe poems, ie “The Oblong Box”, “The Tomb of Ligea”, etc. at the Drive In’s. But, those were nothing like what is out there today. Thanks for your post and I hope I can and will be enlightened at some time.

    1. Thank you, I’m very pleased to hear that you enjoy my blogs. Horror can be a tricky beast there is so much variety to the genre. Some people like the Hack & Slash / gore filled stories, while others like the deep existential dread conjured up by the likes of Lovecraft, Some like monsters and others like psychological. There s so much to choose from, which is why I think so many people enjoy it. Personally, I love the creepy mystery stuff over anything else.

      1. I think I could get into the creepy mystery stuff. Not much for slash gore. My son went through a stage where he watched the “SAW” adventures and I just remembered that my first and I think only really nasty one was the Chainsaw Massacre. (the first one) then there was The Gardener? So, I think I’ve seen one or two here and there over the years. Most, I did not knowing what I was getting into, LOL.

        1. I never watched them other than when I walked through the room. It was that way TWD, but I did eventually get into those until a couple of years ago when I determined Neegan was never going away. Did he?

  2. Hey Katie,
    I’ll be on board for the Saturday Night Ghost Train. As I’ve already said I am an instant fan of your writing.
    Ghosts? I’ve been surrounded by them all of my life, followed by them. I was scared when I was a child but as I grew older I came to realise it was just the way it was, I said bring it on, especially to the ones that petrified me as a child, blowing in my face, holding me down on the bed, but those initial ones never showed back up – bullies hey?. At the moment I live in a wonderful Georgian Terrace – alone, which was built in the 1780’s, and it is absolutely haunted. There is always something going on, though I am not bothered in the slightest. I have a dark cellar below my feet as I type, still has original stone sink, floor tiles, and I have never come across anything like it, on a presence level. When I first went down there, there was a noose hanging from the wooden rafters, I thought oh ok…. Honestly, any of my friends who have dared to come down there at night will never step foot in there again, you can feel the cold energy closing in,,, but as I said, I am alone now, it’s down below the floor boards as I type, and to be totally honest, doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I’d go down there now on my own. Haunted wooden cane? Sounds like a dupe to me… Don’t think an item could be haunted, but a place, definitely… respect

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