So Today …

I got my first ever tattoo!

And it’s a tiny Cthulhu!


Also for giggles, this song was playing in my head while I had it done.

2 thoughts on “So Today …”

  1. Not what I’d gotten for a first tat. lol But… I can see how that song would motivate you to get a tat. When my granddaughter and daughter were out a couple of months ago. My granddaughter tried to get me into doing a “group” matching tat. Can you just see that? I’m currently tatless, they are not. lol Oh, to be young! BTW, my husband was in the other room when I played the song and he shouts out, “Southpark!” Men, another lol. What fun.

    1. Lol I’m pretty cthulhu obsessed so if anyone was going to be my first tat it was going to be the dark Lord lol. You’re never to old to do anything you want to do, if you fancy a tat then go for it, but if not don’t let people pressure you. It’s a great song, glad hubby enjoined ha ha ha

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