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Katie Recommends: A Christmas Horror Story.

Story Number One

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Three kids decide to break into their school in order to investigate the deaths of two other students the year previous. They end up in the basement and the girl of the group is possessed and tries to seduce one of the boys who refuses. She kills him. She is more successful in seducing the remaining boy, once she’s finished with him, the possession ends. 

It turns out that the ghost was a pregnant teenager who died after receiving a gruesome abortion and she wants someone to give birth to her child. The pregnant girl is allowed to leave the school but the surviving boy is killed.

Story Number Two

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A policeman, who happened to work the case of the two murdered students mentioned in the previous story, is now on a woodland walk with his family to get a Christmas tree. During the walk their little boy gets lost, fortunately, they find him but he’s acting oddly. 

Eventually, they are met by another chap who tells them their son is a changeling. The changeling kills the policeman, the wife then takes changeling to try and find her real son, she tries to get help but this goes wrong as the person she tries to get help from is holding other changeling’s captive, by killing him wife frees the changelings and gets her son back.

Story Number Three

Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.com

The third story is about a family visiting their elderly aunt, who then tells them the story of Krampus. One of the children breaks a statue of Krampus in order to annoy the aunt’s caretaker. The parents decide to take them home. They are in a car accident on the way home and walking through the snow they find themselves being hunted by Krampus. 

They hide in a church and confess their sins as a ploy to get Krampus to leave them alone. Haha no. Everyone is killed save for the daughter, she flees back to her aunt’s house and successfully kills Krampus who, in death, turns into the Aunts caretaker. It is revealed that the aunt knew this would happen and the daughter is so angry that she then turns into Krampus herself and kills the aunt.

Story Number Four

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

My personal favourite of the selection!

Santa discovers that his elves and wife have turned into zombies. 

Santa is victorious and kills them all, but then has to fight Krampus! Just before he wins this fight it is revealed that “Santa” is actually a Mall Santa who also works on Dangerous Dan’s radio show, he’s had a mental break down which caused him to believe he is the real Santa and everyone around him are zombie elves. Krampus is revealed to be the mall’s manager. 

‘Santa’ is gunned down by police.

Why I love this film

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

The main reason I love this film is because it’s fun.

The overlapping of the stories is a bit odd, but not to the point of distraction and the final story in my view could be a film all on its own. The stories are engaging, funny, and horrific. The acting is perfectly fine. I personally like the mix and mash with the stories rather than a linear telling, it keeps things fresh and makes each story feel a tad longer than it probably would if showed in one telling.

Overall this film will never win awards or be considered a blockbuster, but that doesn’t mean its not good. Not everything has to be amazing, something can be good, and fun and creepy. This film ticks all my boxes for a fun evening in front of the telly and I would strongly recommend giving it a watch this holiday season.

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