SCP: SCP-5002

Neutralised SCP

Today I am writing to talk to you about a neutralised SCP. 

Neutralised being the word used when an SCP loses its power/ability/life. An object can be neutralised by being destroyed, though the SCP foundation is not known for deliberately destroying SCP’s. An SCP can also be neutralised by having its ability removed.

SCP-5002 was neutralised via death, however.

SCP 5002 – Summary

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SCP-5002 was a reality-bending human known as Emma Hastings. This means she was a woman who could change reality around her. The SCP foundation is full of reality benders, not unlike the elemental benders in the Avatar series, these individuals can quite literally bend and shape reality to their whim. Some are esoteric or specifically powered, much like SCP-5002 and some are literal gods.

SCP-5002 was a writer, who, when she reread her published work caused it to become reality. In a nutshell, if this woman wrote something down and then read her own words it would happen in the ‘real’ world, not perfectly, name’s and dates might differ but fundamentally the event she described would come to pass. 

Before her capture by the foundation SCP-5002 claims she was not aware of her ability. 

Her death was something of a mystery in the foundation. She was found in her containment cell on her bed, deceased. The containment cell was locked, and there was no evidence of forced entry. The door was not opened during the 12 hours before her death and security footage shows that she was alone in her cell. Reality anchors (objects that prevent reality benders from bending reality) were in place and operational. 

Agent Ellen O’Connor, of the Department of Analytics, was instructed by the foundation to investigate the death. The investigation has been covered wonderfully by The Exploring Series on Youtube, I have included the video below.

Why this works 

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SCP-5002 is not a unique concept, I’ve come across a few stories where things that are written become reality but she is unique in her death and how the foundation use and test her abilities on D-Class (test subjects, usually people, used to test SCP abilities).

The horror element comes from her potential, she could do anything if given something to write with. Before being captured she wrote detective/murder mystery books so she effectively killed people using her power. But she could do much more than that, the foundation, when testing her ability explore what it’s like for the people she writes about and the detail in the reports is enough to make you uncomfortable. She effectively strips free will away, which makes her terrifying on both a physical, spiritual and mental level. 

The entry and the subsequent investigation tap into the mystery atmosphere via how she died, in a locked room with no one coming or going. Which also ties in nicely to the fact she used to write mystery novels. Naturally, I don’t want to spoil too much so I’ll let you watch the video 🙂

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