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SCP: SCP-2678

Today I want to talk to you about SCP – 2678.

Today I am writing to you about a terrifying church.

SCP – 2678 is perhaps one of the creepier SCP’s, as while it doesn’t seem to contain monsters/physical threats, it is steeped in atmosphere and has strong influences to harm being done to children. The entire SCP is incredibly eerie and one of the SCPs that doesn’t seem to have been fully explored and so the element of mystery remains. Especially as according to the SCP Wiki the access point has been resealed and disguised as a bookshelf and all previously scheduled explorations have been cancelled.


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SCP – 2678 is a portion of space accessible only to those holding catholic beliefs. It is located near Sienna in Italy.

The area around SCP – 2678 can be found on the outskirts of the city and is composed of several mediaeval cathedrals like buildings all made from human bone (taken from male children between 7 to 12 years old). The area has been suffering from a constant rainstorm of human blood. The rainstorm started upon discovery of SCP – 2678.

No life has ever been observed to exist within the area of SCP– 2678. Yet despite SCP–2678 being to avoid of life, all D class who have entered the space have reported hearing a discordant, high-pitched melody. However, audio recording equipment malfunctions within the area of SCP – 2678.

Once inside the replica cathedral housing SCP – 2678, all D class have noticed the pipe organ which when keys are pressed the sound mimics the notes produced by a male juvenile voice. When the pipe organ is played blood rain outside changes to water.

Exploring the cathedral further will result in finding a barred door in the basement, which leads into a portion of extra-dimensional space. This is the core of SCP – 2678.

Once inside SCP – 2678, you will note the contents of the space which are a biomedical lavatory refrigerator filled with samples of blood and bones, several audio recorders which range from wax strip models to magnetic tape machines, a computer terminal belonging to the SCP Foundation (all attempts to access this terminal have ended in failure), the score for a song titled Sul Golgota, and the incomplete skeleton of a prepubescent male (because of death unknown).

The SCP Wiki goes on to explain that long-term testing of both D class and members of research teams has caused those exposed to SCP – 2678 suffer behavioural changes, such as a greater appreciation for choir music, increased belief in structured religion, increased faith in authority figures, higher levels of doubt towards those of the lower social or economic status and a reluctance to report crimes committed by other members of the foundation. The symptoms do not fade once the individual in question is removed from SCP – 2678.

My thoughts

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One of the reasons that this particular SCP works as well as it does is due to inferences. What I mean by this is that a lot is inferred in this SCP, in particular, the involvement of the foundation due to the fact that on the door in the basement leading to the core of SCP – 2678 there is a sign reading SCP foundation Department of abnormalities, this is a metal placard indicating that it is been there for some time and is official. There is also the placement of the SCP terminal within SCP – 2678 as well as the samples. There is also, the fact that the SCP foundation has now stopped further exploration. Those familiar with the SCP foundation will know that the side-effects described in SCP – 2678 are not as severe as others suffered exploring other SCP’s yet still, they halted the exploration. This infers that there is something that they are trying to conceal which could be to do with their involvement or a previously unmentioned aspect of SCP- 2678 that needs to be concealed in order for it to remain contained.

There are also the inferences to be drawn around the fact that the entire structure seems to be made from the bones of children, not to mention the fact that the pipe organ sounds like children singing, in particular young males. This could very well be a reference to the treatment of young boys by organised religion and all of the unpleasantness there involved.

Overall, this SCP is well crafted and while I would like to explore the mystery further, I also think that preventing further exploration is part of what makes this SCP so engaging.

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