SCP: 3812

When God’s go mad

Today I am writing to you about SCP–3812.

This particular SCP is a favourite of mine due to the levels that it works on. Has an incredible level of power over reality, which in itself is scary, but it also suffers from a severe mental illness that affects how it perceives the world around it. These two things combined make a highly unpredictable, powerful and terrifying creature. While it does not seem to exhibit malice it doesn’t have to in order to be dangerous.


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SCP–3812 is a reality-altering entity, due to its nature it defies conventional description. However, it was once known as Sam Howell, a non-and non-anomalous African American human being who died in 1996. Shortly after Sam’s death SCP–3812 was observed rising out of his grave and disappearing.

Over time SCP–3812 has become significantly less human in appearance, it now only vaguely resembles something human and takes on a variety of shapes and forms.

SCP–3812 was brought to the foundation after it demolished and apartment building in Warsaw, Poland.

SCP–3812 currently shows signs of extremely advanced Eigenmann-Veitor schizophrenia, with symptoms such as extreme paranoia, extreme dysphoria, extreme mania & depression, inability to properly perceive surroundings, inability to discern the difference between the real and imagined, inability to differentiate between living and dead creatures, inability to control expressions of emotion, and auditory and visual hallucinations.

The point of discovery SCP–3812 was responsive, aware of its condition and seeking help to manage it however, over time these symptoms have become worse. SCP–3812 is currently unable to accurately perceive the world around it and, on occasion, changes reality to diminish the discrepancy between how it perceives the world and how the world is.

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Due to the extent of its power, SCP–3812 is considered only partially contained (when placed in a containment cell SCP–3812 will remove the cell from existence or transport itself drastically far away). Though there is a Keter class containment proposal in place. The proposal states that SCP–3812 is to be constantly monitored by a mobile task force, Ganymede – 66, also known as Starlight Knights. They are to maintain a 5 km area of exclusion around SCP–3812, and special care must be taken to prevent unnecessary exposure to SCP–3812.

There are seven addendums attached to this SCP, an interview, a memo regarding behavioural instability and the implication of existential threats, a report regarding behavioural instability and the implication of existential threats, alteration events, a restricted event, supersession and the Echelon of reality, and an end of the world event.

My thoughts

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As I said above this is one of my favourite SCP’s in part because it is extremely dangerous and threatening but lacks any real malice. It is noted on the SCP wiki that any attempt to contain SCP–3812 will always lead to failure and despite quarantine efforts the classification of Keter is essentially meaningless. This is because at any point SCP–3812 could breach containment and cause potentially catastrophic damage to the earth and local reality. This is not because it’s has a desire to cause harm or because it takes pleasure from causing harm, it’s because SCP–3812 cannot perceive the world as it is.

There is an element of compassion when reviewing the record for SCP–3812, as despite it being quite possibly one of the most powerful SCP’s is also extremely vulnerable and often in a state of fear.

SCP–3812 is also extremely effective as a tool for horror because when it changes reality we cannot always tell, it could be changing reality at any time, it could be doing it constantly, and the foundation could be completely unaware. This effectively makes us powerless against it and it’s that feeling of powerlessness that makes SCP–3812 so effective.

The only aspect of SCP–3812 that I do not enjoy is that it plays into the trope/stereotype that sometimes seen in horror where people with mental illness are to be feared. However, the SCP wiki does not portray SCP–3812 as a villain, the tone of the article acknowledges, or at least hints to, the fact that SCP–3812 is a victim as much as it is a threat. While this does not completely excuse the trope/stereotype it does at least make it slightly more palatable.

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