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I dropped the ball.

But it’s not a bad thing.

I’m totally late to the party on this one. I didn’t realise the Strange Aeon 2022: Hopeful Monsters anthology came out in October!

Strange Aeon: 2022: Hopeful Monsters

Tales by international authors:
Brett Venter, John Wolf, S. Cameron David, Damir Salkovic, Aaron Beardsell, Katie Marie, Tim Mendees, M. Stern, Victoria Dalpe, Conor Powers-Smith, Miguel Fliguer, Tias Teng andRoelof Goudriaan. With your host, M. Keaton and original art by Joel Martin.

Featuring my short story… The Painted Lady

It was accepted, by all who knew him, that my uncle, Marcus Finch, was an odd man.

His neighbors, when I had asked, described him as the quiet sort, the neighbor who might smile at you as you passed but who rarely spoke a word. He was small and fussy and never seen in the company of anyone. His curtains never opened, but his windows were clean. He never relaxed in his garden, but his lawn was well kept. He dressed in bland clothes and shuffled quietly when he walked, rarely speaking beyond the occasional polite acknowledgement.

In short, Marcus Finch gave no other human being a reason to notice or pay him any attention.

Until he died.

Then he became something of a local celebrity, and then an urban legend. So much so that when my history lecturer demanded we write a paper about an interesting ancestor, I immediately thought of my uncle.

Pick it up on Amazon.

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