Katie Recommends

Katie Recommends: Lets Nope

This is Awesome

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but today I want to recommend both a YouTube Channel/Team and a playlist.

First of all, while this is a horror appreciation site for the most part, sometimes we need something a bit light-hearted and happy, even us die-hard horror fans.

So, the channel, LoadingReadyRun, is not a horror channel just a bunch of very likeable people having fun, being overly enthusiastic about a whole variety of things. They’re a joy to watch in and of themselves.

The horrorside of things is the Lets Nope playlist where Ben and Adam play super spooky scary games together. Again it’s a delight to watch. There’s lots of content, at the time of my writing this blog there are over 300 videos!

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