Folklore: Chupacabra

Beware Chupacabra

Today I want to talk with you briefly about the Chupacabra.

Chupacabra is thought to be native to Central and South America. It was first claimed to be sighted in Puerto Rico in 1995. It has since become one of the most commonly referenced cryptids known.

Like most cryptids it is rarely seen and when it is seen its usually only a glimpse. If it is photographed or filmed the footage is usually a bit shite, but this is standard fair with most cryptids.

Generally, though the Chupacabra is assumed to be quite small and will not often approach humans. It is however a predator and will drain livestock of blood, not unlike a vampire, though it leaves three holes not two.

While the most common theory is that people who claim to see Chupacabra have seen dogs with mange, the draining of blood via three holes is odd. Chupacabra was likely created to explain these odd-looking predators as well as the loss of cattle, potentially to small predators or illness.

stephen king

King: Dumah Key

Beware of what he paints!

Today I want to talk to you about Dumah Key, which was released in 2008 by Scribner and is one of my favourite King novels


The novel opens with Edgar Freemantle, a well-off building contractor, discussing a time when he was almost being killed in an on-site accident. He survived the incident but suffered the loss of an arm and a severe head injury. He talks about how difficult his recovery was and how the head injury changed his personality for the worse and caused his wife to divorce him.

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Blog Talk

My little Joy

Little things that make me happy

Ok so this might seem really minor but it made me happy so I’m sharing my joy.

Usually, when you sign up for something and pick a username it’s difficult if not impossible to get the one you want. After all the internet is a crowded place and there are only so many combinations available. So I never get to be Katie, I’m always Katie1 if I’m lucky, or (more realistically) Katie3847261 etc.

I received an email the other week from YouTube talking about YouTube handles, a cute way for people to find you and connect with you, it also shortens your YouTube URL. Its unique as well unlike channel names.

I was invited to choose my handle this morning and I was expecting to end up with something like KatieMarie 8271947453497349843829829389237482374787 or Katiemariewriter20347485489738472378923727237842

But no!

I got Katiemariewriter. my URL is https://youtube.com/@katiemariewriter

Isn’t that awesome!

Haunted Norfolk

Haunted Norfolk: Prime Evil 2022

Super Spooky Haunting Show

Recently the lovely Mr Sherlock and I went to indulge ourselves in the Halloween Spirit by attending this year’s Prime Evil.

Prime Evil is Norfolk’s biggest, multi-award-winning scare experience.

With five differently themed haunts, it’s a lot of fun. We’ve been previously but it was a few years ago and we were thrilled to see how things had been updated and changed.

My favourite, as always was the circus of terror, cause come on who doesn’t love scary clowns. Though the Crypt was a close 2nd for me, not because it was scary but because it was really silly fun.

I love taking part in seasonal shenanigans and will be going back to Prime Evil again in the future.

Excuse the terrible quality pictures, my camera did not like the movement and the dark.



Shadow Puppets

Today I want to talk to you about an SCP that has stuck with me for a long time after I read it.

SCP-205 also known as Shadow Lamps


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

SCP-205 is a pair of flood lamps, the kind that are usually used by professional photographers. The light they put out behaves in a very strange way, basically it passes through objects instead of being stopped by them.

Unless the object is covered by something white, like a sheet. If the object is white, or covered by something white then the light put out by SCP-205 behaves like normal light and loses all unusual properties.

If the light put out by SCP-205 goes through an object it will cause the object to cast a strange shadow, the shadow will not be that of the object itself but rather one of an unidentified young woman. Even through there are two lights there is only one shadow. The owner of the shadow is completely unknown, they may be a living person a deceased person, the shadow may not correspond to a person living or dead.  

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