SCP: SCP-3300 – The Rain

Today I want to talk to you about SCP-3300.

SCP-3300 is not a physical object or even a place, rather it is an event.

SCP-3300 takes place every year at around mid-June and lasts anywhere from six to eighteen days. During this time the entire populace of Clear Water in Montana will disappear and be replaced by a new set of citizens.

Typically, in the first 48 hours of the event, there will be light, continuous rain over the entire town, this occurs regardless of the weather in the surrounding area. Once the first 48 hours are done the rain will turn into a severe thunderstorm lasting for the remaining duration of the event.

When the event ends, all previous people living in the town will have been replaced by new iterations with completely new appearances, personalities, and memories. Though that being said some of the new people will sometimes have things in common with those they are replacing, such as sharing names, professions, certain memories, and broad personality traits. However, they will never repeat identically from those in the town prior to the storm.

The new population will have absolutely no recollection of the event and will be unaware of their anomalous nature. These are entirely new people, created by SCP-3300, there are no records of them existing prior to the event that created them.

The population behave identically to ‘normal’ human beings and are physically indistinguishable from you or I, with post-mortem examinations revealing no differences from other humans.

The people outside of the town, are also affected by SCP-3300 in so far that they seem unable to pay attention to the town, completely ignoring it unless it is brought directly to their attention and even then struggling to stay focused on it as a topic of discussion or attention.

The SCP Foundation’s response to SCP-3300 is focused on observation only at the moment as well as ensuring that the event does not spread from the affected area. Any attempts at a manned exploration of events have been suspended.

Any of the population of Clear Water that attempts to leave will be detained by the SCP Foundation. This is due to the fact that any town member will disappear several days after the event begins regardless of them being in the town or now.

My Thoughts

This is one of my favorites from the SCP Wiki, I love the setting, the complete lack of how or why this happens, or what can be done to stop it. It works well as a horror subject due to how it robs those involved of power, in so far that anyone caught up in the event is powerless, even the foundation is powerless to do anything more than observe.

The storm is unknowable, it has no clear consciousness or motivation, it’s just a thing that happens. This also puts me in mind of how people may have felt many years ago when large scale accidents or geographical events such as earthquakes and volcanos. A big unknowable, unconscious thing, something that happens and boom, your entire town is gone. Makes me think of Pompeii or Herculaneum.

This SCP taps into a common fear we all have of our own mortality and that we effectively disappear after death, no one knows why, or what happens after death and this SCP is a microcosm of that.

I didn’t want to reproduce this here as many others have done so, and they are far more skilled than I, but there is an addendum to his SCP, a journal entry told from the perspective of one of the townsfolk, caught up in an instance of SCP-3300. It’s wonderfully written, you can feel the confusion and blind fear of the writer. I strongly suggest giving the below video a listen and you’ll see why I find this SCP to be so effective.


SCP: 3812

Today I want to talk to you about SCP–3812.

This particular SCP is a favourite of mine due to the levels that it works on. Has an incredible level of power over reality, which in itself is scary, but it also suffers from a severe mental illness that affects how it perceives the world around it. These two things combined make a highly unpredictable, powerful and terrifying creature. While it does not seem to exhibit malice it doesn’t have to in order to be dangerous.

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SCP: SCP-2678

Today I want to talk to you about SCP – 2678.

SCP – 2678 is perhaps one of the creepier SCP’s, as while it doesn’t seem to contain monsters/physical threats, it is steeped in atmosphere and has strong influences to harm being done to children. The entire SCP is incredibly eerie and one of the SCPs that doesn’t seem to have been fully explored and so the element of mystery remains. Especially as according to the SCP Wiki the access point has been resealed and disguised as a bookshelf and all previously scheduled explorations have been cancelled.

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SCP: SCP-5002

Today I want to talk to you about a neutralised SCP. 

Neutralised being the word used when an SCP loses its power/ability/life. An object can be neutralised by being destroyed, though the SCP foundation is not known for deliberately destroying SCP’s. An SCP can also be neutralised by having its ability removed.

SCP-5002 was neutralised via death, however.

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SCP: SCP 4666 The Yule Man

In the spirit of Christmas and horror, today I want to share with you the SCP file on The Yule Man aka SCP-4666.

SCP-4666 is currently believed to be a single, exceptionally long-lived humanoid entity of unknown origin. Survivors of Weissnacht Events typically describe SCP-4666 as a very tall (between 2 m and 2.3 m) elderly male of European descent, with an extremely emaciated appearance. The entity always appears completely naked, even when observed outdoors in freezing weather.

Though the nature and extent of its anomalous properties remain uncertain, SCP-4666 appears capable of instantaneous or near-instantaneous travel to any location north of 40°N latitude, and possibly to any location on Earth.

SCP-4666 activity occurs exclusively within a period of 12 consecutive nights every year, from the night of December 21-22 to the night of January 1-2; this period is known as SCP-4666’s “active phase”. During this phase, in what are termed “Weissnacht Events”, SCP-4666 will appear at dwellings in one or multiple locations north of 40°N latitude. In all known Weissnacht Events, these dwellings have shared the following characteristics: isolated rural location, home to a family with at least one child under the age of 8, and situated in an area with snow cover lasting throughout the duration of the event.

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A Bit of Fun: Lord Bung: Containment

So, as many of you will already know, I’m a big fan of the creative writing project that is the SCP Foundation.

Not only do I enjoy the website itself, but I also love the explanation and readings videos you find on YouTube. Recently, however, I stumbled across something else. Lord Bung, a YouTube animator who makes various cartoons and rants.

He also makes a series called Containment, set in the SCP Universe.

The series tells the story of Connor, a chap with regenerative immortality and it’s marvellous. It’s witty, well made, well written and had me laughing all the way through.

I strongly recommend it.


Oversimplified SCP

Today I want to share something a bit fun with you.

I talk a lot about how Horror is a flexible genre, lending itself to novels, comics, games, and films. I’ve also talked at length before about how the internet has created an awesome new outlet for horror in the form of Creepypastas, like digital urban legends or campfire stories for the modern age.

One of my favourite spooky things the internet has created is the SCP Foundation.

For those who don’t know the SCP Foundation is an online creative writing project with hundreds of contributors. It borrows from Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy (probably why I love it so much) and tells the story (in the form of reports, interviews, logs etc) of the SCP Foundation, SCP standing for Secure, Contain, Protect. The Foundation Secures and Contains individuals, entities, locations, and objects that have anomalous properties E.G: they are bloody strange or cause strange/supernatural/unexplained things to happen when you encounter them.

Some SCP’s are funny, some are sad, some are interesting and some are downright terrifying. It’s absolutely marvellous and if you’ve not experienced it yet, I strongly recommend you do.

That being said, it can be a tricky universe to break into, as there’s an awful lot of it and it’s hard to know where to begin.

But never fear, for I have come today with a wonderful little gem.

A manga knows as Oversimplified SCP, it’s adorable even when it’s telling the story of The Shy guy (not something I thought possible before).

This is a great way to experience the SCP universe for the first time (or the millionth time) as it gives a little taster in an easily digestible format.

Go on, give it a go!

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My Top 4 Scariest SCP’s

SCP – Secure Contain Protect

The SCP Foundation works to secure anomalies, containing them and protecting humanity from the dangers that they pose. The anomalies range from objects to living creatures, from places to distortions. These anomalies are categorized as SCP’s with varying levels of danger and containment required.

The wiki is chock full of interesting, funny and terrifying articles about the SCP’s themselves, and many bloggers, YouTubers and writers have made list upon list of them. I’ve categorized my own list explaining the SCP and why I think it is so effective at giving us the chills.

In no order here is my Top Four Scariest SCPS.

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