Shadow Puppets

Today I want to talk to you about an SCP that has stuck with me for a long time after I read it.

SCP-205 also known as Shadow Lamps


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SCP-205 is a pair of flood lamps, the kind that are usually used by professional photographers. The light they put out behaves in a very strange way, basically it passes through objects instead of being stopped by them.

Unless the object is covered by something white, like a sheet. If the object is white, or covered by something white then the light put out by SCP-205 behaves like normal light and loses all unusual properties.

If the light put out by SCP-205 goes through an object it will cause the object to cast a strange shadow, the shadow will not be that of the object itself but rather one of an unidentified young woman. Even through there are two lights there is only one shadow. The owner of the shadow is completely unknown, they may be a living person a deceased person, the shadow may not correspond to a person living or dead.  

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SCP004: Rusty Keys

A door to nowhere and everywhere?

Today I am writing to you about SCP-004, which is better known as The 12 Rusty Keys and the Door.

SCP004 consists of an old wooden barn style door and a set of 12 steel keys that have rusted. SCP-004-1 is the door, SCP-004-2 through to SCP004-13 are the keys. The door is in a frame at an abandoned factory, the location of which is redacted in the report.

In 1949 three children found the door while trespassing, they also found the keys in a lockbox. One of the children, now known as SCP004-CAS01, goes missing when the children are attempting to figure out which key opens the door. A month after SCP004-CAS01 goes missing their severed right hand is found eight kilometres from the door. Further searching revealed that other body parts had been scattered around the door, some parts as far as 32 kilometres away. (it is worth mentioning at this point that not all of SCP004-CAS01 were recovered, they appeared decades later, and seemed to have suffered no decomposition in that time)

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The Biological Motherboard

Today I want to talk to you about SCP-003, the biological motherboard.

This is one of my favourite SCP’s because of its unique take on machine life. Machines being alive and having consciousness is not anything unique but I very much enjoy this particular take on the concept.


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SCP-003 is made up of two parts, each separately labelled as SCP-003-1 and SCP-003-2. Part one is a circuit/motherboard made up of hair, nails etc. it predates all man-made circuitry but a not-insignificant amount of time, aka thousands of years. It is also self-aware and can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

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SCP-3300 The Rain

Take an Umbrella

Today I am writing to tell to you about SCP-3300, also known as The Rain.

This is a meteorological SCP, in that it is, as the name suggests, a weather phenomenon, to be more specific a localised weather phenomenon.

SCP 3300 is one that captures the imagination in part because it is an interesting concept but mostly due to the added documents that come with the report. While the SCP foundation cannot actively observe SCP-3300 a resident has observed it and we have a copy of their journal which shows a ground-level observation of SCP-3300.

I love the SCP’s where we get proper reports, journals etc as opposed to those which just give a description of the SCP and containment procedures. We get a much more grounding experience with the reports, we get an in-depth emotional account of the SCP and that, for me, is always more engrossing.

So, without further delay, let look at SCP-3300.

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SCP: SCP-3300 – The Rain

Take an umbrella

Today I am writing to tell you about SCP-3300.

SCP-3300 is not a physical object or even a place, rather it is an event.

SCP-3300 takes place every year at around mid-June and lasts anywhere from six to eighteen days. During this time the entire populace of Clear Water in Montana will disappear and be replaced by a new set of citizens.

Typically, in the first 48 hours of the event, there will be light, continuous rain over the entire town, this occurs regardless of the weather in the surrounding area. Once the first 48 hours are done the rain will turn into a severe thunderstorm lasting for the remaining duration of the event.

When the event ends, all previous people living in the town will have been replaced by new iterations with completely new appearances, personalities, and memories. Though that being said some of the new people will sometimes have things in common with those they are replacing, such as sharing names, professions, certain memories, and broad personality traits. However, they will never repeat identically from those in the town prior to the storm.

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SCP: 3812

When God’s go mad

Today I am writing to you about SCP–3812.

This particular SCP is a favourite of mine due to the levels that it works on. Has an incredible level of power over reality, which in itself is scary, but it also suffers from a severe mental illness that affects how it perceives the world around it. These two things combined make a highly unpredictable, powerful and terrifying creature. While it does not seem to exhibit malice it doesn’t have to in order to be dangerous.

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SCP: SCP-2678

Today I want to talk to you about SCP – 2678.

Today I am writing to you about a terrifying church.

SCP – 2678 is perhaps one of the creepier SCP’s, as while it doesn’t seem to contain monsters/physical threats, it is steeped in atmosphere and has strong influences to harm being done to children. The entire SCP is incredibly eerie and one of the SCPs that doesn’t seem to have been fully explored and so the element of mystery remains. Especially as according to the SCP Wiki the access point has been resealed and disguised as a bookshelf and all previously scheduled explorations have been cancelled.

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SCP: SCP-5002

Neutralised SCP

Today I am writing to talk to you about a neutralised SCP. 

Neutralised being the word used when an SCP loses its power/ability/life. An object can be neutralised by being destroyed, though the SCP foundation is not known for deliberately destroying SCP’s. An SCP can also be neutralised by having its ability removed.

SCP-5002 was neutralised via death, however.

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SCP: SCP 4666 The Yule Man

Merry Christmas… Kind of.

In the spirit of Christmas and horror, today I want to share with you the SCP file on The Yule Man aka SCP-4666.

SCP-4666 is currently believed to be a single, exceptionally long-lived humanoid entity of unknown origin. Survivors of Weissnacht Events typically describe SCP-4666 as a very tall (between 2 m and 2.3 m) elderly male of European descent, with an extremely emaciated appearance. The entity always appears completely naked, even when observed outdoors in freezing weather.

Though the nature and extent of its anomalous properties remain uncertain, SCP-4666 appears capable of instantaneous or near-instantaneous travel to any location north of 40°N latitude, and possibly to any location on Earth.

SCP-4666 activity occurs exclusively within a period of 12 consecutive nights every year, from the night of December 21-22 to the night of January 1-2; this period is known as SCP-4666’s “active phase”. During this phase, in what are termed “Weissnacht Events”, SCP-4666 will appear at dwellings in one or multiple locations north of 40°N latitude. In all known Weissnacht Events, these dwellings have shared the following characteristics: isolated rural location, home to a family with at least one child under the age of 8, and situated in an area with snow cover lasting throughout the duration of the event.

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