Horror Writing

Horror Writing: On Liking Problematic Characters.

First, I feel I should warn you. This blog is a rambling mess. I have no idea what point I was trying to make; I honestly don’t think I had one. It was a brain vomit about how weird I feel liking problematic, asshole characters.

I have warned you.

I’ve always been a fan of the villains.

They’ve always been the most fun, challenging, and interesting characters in a lot of stories.

But recently I’ve been giving it some thought.

It’s one thing to enjoy over the top villains for how much fun they are, is another thing to engage with a more in-depth villain who is relatable, flawed and interesting. But what about the more insidious villain? The one who’s ‘evil’ but authentically. The one who engages in abusive behaviour?

I recently discovered the 2018 remake of She-Ra, I know I’m late to the party as the show is already finished after five seasons (FYI I’m loving that we seem to go back to giving series endings before they become stale). My first taste of this show was on YouTube where clips kept popping up on my newsfeed, I met a few of the characters and saw enough of the show to know I want to watch more.

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