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Real-world horror: The Anguished Man

Spooky Art is spooky

Today I am writing to talk to you about the Anguished Man painting.

The painting was noted as being ‘haunted’ when Sean Robinson inherited it from his grandmother and carried out an investigation.

Prior to her passing, Sean’s grandmother had kept the painting in her attic for the last twenty-five years, because she believed it to be evil and claimed to hear crying voices emanating from it. She also claimed to see a shadowy man in her home when she displayed the painting.

After a little research Sean uncovered the rumour that the artist mixed his own blood with the paint and ended his own life shortly after its completion.

Once Sean had it in his home he and his family started experiencing similar occurrences (shadow man and crying) to those his grandmother had as well as some other phenomenon. Sean’s son suffered a nasty accident when he fell down the stairs and Sean’s wife felt someone petting her hair when she was in bed.

So cameras were set up to capture some of the ghostly happenings. The footage shows slamming doors, rising smoke and the painting falling with no discernible cause.

Check out some of the YouTube footage here.