CreepyPasta: Anna Petrova

Don’t Google Yourself

Today I want to talk to you about the Creepypasta Anna Petrova. A lovely little pasta that has a go at recreating some classic horror elements in a modern setting.  


Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on

The story starts with an email.

A person named Bree receives the email from someone they used to be close to but have since fallen out with. 

The email contains a wiki page and is begging for help, saying that Bree needs to read the page to understand.

The email reveals that Bree was hurt by the writer in some fashion, and many suspect this was intentional though the writer denies this.

The writer then goes on to refer to a time in the 8th grade, when they were nervous before a competition and so went online where they googled themselves. They found a wiki page about themselves. This wiki page revealed that they would win the competition the next day. This came to pass. The email continues stating that this happened many more times. The wiki page effectively told the future.  

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