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Katie’s Stories: Only the Desperate Need Apply

I stopped in front of the building and took a final moment to decide if I was really ready to do this.

I’ve donated blood before, it wasn’t a big deal, but this time I felt uneasy. It was one thing to give blood away it was something else to sell it. I checked the address I had written down on a scrap of paper and glanced at the door. The building looked like a house, the run-down residential street with tired looking two story homes certainly didn’t help the impression. I looked at the house again, it really didn’t look like the right place. I turned to head away, determining to check the street name again when a small sign on the gate caught my attention.

“Fir Street Clinic”

I did a double take, this place certainly didn’t look like a clinic, despite what the small sign on the gate claimed. My stomach rumbled, loudly. I grit my teeth against the hunger cramps setting in and headed up the garden path and into the building. I blinked rapidly at the surprisingly brightly lit reception.

“Hi,” I said to the woman sitting behind a small desk. “Um, I’m Kevin, I’m here to…”

“Surname please,” the woman snapped, not looking away from her laptop.

“Oh, it’s Black, Kevin Black.” Her hands moved quickly over the keys, eyes focused on the screen. She paused after a long moment and reach to the pile of papers next to her, after rifling through them she handed me form attached to a clipboard.

“You’re late,” she said. “Fill this out and take a seat.”

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