A little TikTok experiment


Last week I started yet another little experiment. I started a TikTok channel.

I’m going to try posting short videos on TikTok and then maybe do compilations of those videos each month on Youtube.

This week’s videos were mostly introduction type videos, which if you receive my letters you’ll already be aware of, so to avoid duplication I’m not sharing them all this week.

Instead, I’m only going to share one.

Meet Finnegan and Mia.

Blog Talk

Coming in 2022

Last year was an interesting year.

I’d like to discuss the previous year and the upcoming year.

On the positive side, I started a YouTube channel, sold a manuscript, finished a draft of my current WIP and managed to publish several short stories.

On the neutral side, I started seriously working towards my PhD in English literature, though sadly that ended up on the backburner yet again when offline-life got in the way.

On the bummer side, a project I was working on, a videogame, ran into one-to-many problems and ended up being shelved. Though this may turn out to be for the best.

As far as offline life is concerned, last year was pretty monumental. My partner and I bought our first house together in February and almost immediately got a ton of plants and a couple of cats to live in it. Finnegan and Mimi, look how “cute” they are!

Yes, I am deliberately shaming my cats with embarrassing/unflattering pictures because it amuses me to do so.

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