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Classic Horror: William Wilson by Edgar Allan Poe

Doplegangers galore

Today I am writing to talk to you about one of the slightly lesser-known stories by Edgar Allan Poe, and by lesser-known I do not mean unknown, I just mean that it isn’t referred to as much as say The Raven or The Tell-tale Heart.

I am talking about William Wilson. The story of a man who encounters his doppelganger and was inspired by Washington Irving’s “An unwritten Drama of Lord Byron” which was also about a doppelganger.

I personally feel that this short story is underrated, especially as Poe himself labelled it as his best effort.

It was published in the Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque in 1840. It has since been adapted many times across many different countries in both film, comic, and radio play. It is also referenced in various modern creations, for example by one of my favourite modern authors Stephen King who’s novel The Outsider draws a parallel between the situation faced by the main character and Poe’s story of William Wilson. The Outsider has been said (by King) to have been inspired by the story William Wilson.

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Reviews - Classic Horror

Classic Horror: The Haunting of Hill House

Welcome home Nell

In an earlier letter, we talked about the different versions of Haunting of Hill House. This is one of my favourite classic horror stories, I love the characters, the setting, the story (obviously).

But most of all I love all the different interpretations that are out there. How we’ve taken this one story and put so many different spins on it, is fantastic in my opinion. However, my admiration for the different incarnations of this story aside, I thought it would be fun for us to have a look at the one that started them all.

The original!

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