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Haunted Norfolk: Prime Evil 2022

Super Spooky Haunting Show

Recently the lovely Mr Sherlock and I went to indulge ourselves in the Halloween Spirit by attending this year’s Prime Evil.

Prime Evil is Norfolk’s biggest, multi-award-winning scare experience.

With five differently themed haunts, it’s a lot of fun. We’ve been previously but it was a few years ago and we were thrilled to see how things had been updated and changed.

My favourite, as always was the circus of terror, cause come on who doesn’t love scary clowns. Though the Crypt was a close 2nd for me, not because it was scary but because it was really silly fun.

I love taking part in seasonal shenanigans and will be going back to Prime Evil again in the future.

Excuse the terrible quality pictures, my camera did not like the movement and the dark.

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Epic Music in Horror Films

Dun dun duuuuuuun!

Today I want to talk to you about one of the most epic tools in a horror film and/or game makers tool kit. 

I am of course talking about sound design. 

Sound is essential to building tension, suspense and anxiety as well as signalling to you that you can breathe for a moment and when you should be wary. While all sound design is essential to managing this control of tension, I want to focus on Music today (though there will be a bonus video at the end of this blog re other kinds of sound). 

As I said, music is intrinsic to horror films, music invokes emotions, something movies and games use to their advantage. Music is an amazing communication tool, telling you want to think and feel without saying a word. A great way to ‘tell’ without ‘telling’. 

Composures are magicians. 

Think back to jaws as a good example, you hear that tiny clip of music, and you know to get the hell out of the water. Or the sharp violin screech in Psycho. All of these sounds resonate with us in a way that words sometimes struggle to. 

Today I want to share with you my top five favourite horror soundtracks. 

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Review: Haunt

Comedy Horror

Today I am writing to talk to you about the film Haunt.

Haunt isn’t the kind of horror I would normally enjoy as it is a slasher film, I prefer supernatural or psychological horror, yet I still found this film enjoyable so I wanted to talk about it.

Haunt came out in 2019 (remember 2019, before the pandemic, wistful sigh), and recieved mixed and positive reviews. It was written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, they both also directed it.

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Katie Recommends: What to do this Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

With winter, rather suddenly, drawing in, the nights are getting darker and the world is getting colder. October is just beginning and with the pandemic still hanging around like an unwanted drunk at a party, it’s looking like a socially distanced Halloween is on the menu.

Usually, it’s around this time of year that I start talking about interesting ways to spend Halloween with friends and family, but I’m a responsible adult who gives a shit about my community and the global community at large, so I am not going to be recommending interesting outdoor or group activities this year. Instead, I’m going to turn my focus inward, after all, what could be better on a cold and spooky night than to curl up on a warm sofa and watch some killer films.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made film recommendations and won’t be the last, but where I usually try to explain why I think a film is worth watching, and thus run into spoiler-ish territory, this week I’m just going to be sharing some awesome trailers and let you make your own decisions.

Bonus! As it’s not really a film.

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Katie Marie Recommends: What to do This Halloween!

Spooky ideas

Halloween is getting closer, and with it, plans are afoot for fun things to do to celebrate the spooky season.

It’s sometimes nice to do things a bit differently, there are only so many Halloween parties you can go to before it gets dull. So, I am going to share with your different things to do besides the usual trick-or-treat and parties.

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