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Best Films to Watch for Writing Inspiration

Excellent Writing

Today I wanted to talk to you about three horror films that have taught me writing lessons.

While these are all stellar horror films in their own right, I’m not here to gush about the films themselves (except maybe one), I’m bringing them to your attention to show you how these films are great examples of subversion in horror and how to write certain things really well.

So while none of these films are my personal top horror films(except maybe one) they are all brilliant examples of excellent writing.

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Review: His House

Isolation and guilt

Today I wanted to write to you about the new horror film His House.

His House was released on Netflix in the UK on October 30th and was directed by Remi Weekes who also wrote the screenplay.

This film is a perfect combination of supernatural horror and social pressures. It is told from a viewpoint we don’t see very often, at least not one I have been exposed to very often. The story chills the audience on a multitude of different levels, from the supernatural level to the fear of war-torn countries, the fear of your own morality slipping away, the fear of losings one’s identity, the guilt of those who survive and the fear of isolation and imprisonment. All of this is cleverly woven together to tell a truly immersive story.

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