Creepypasta: Satellite Images

Internet’s gonna get you

Today I am writing to discuss the creepypasta Satellite Images.

I thoroughly enjoyed this creepypasta gives me Hitchcock vibes while also playing into our fear of technology, both things I’ve always enjoyed in my horror. This pastor also gives me very strong nostalgia for when my friends and I would tell each other stories in our teenage years, quite probably due to how it ends.


The story begins with the narrator explaining that they were in a car accident in the because of this they don’t leave the house very often. They go on to state that they have just learned how to use Google Maps, and this gives them a sense of being outside without actually going outside.

They start notice something peculiar, that being the same person in multiple locations. They first notice a woman in Tokyo and then the next day when they login they find her again in Paris. Though they do admit that as people’s faces are blurred on Google Maps it’s impossible to be sure it’s the same person.

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