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Top Three Well Written Horror Films

Film writing at it’s best

Today I am writing to talk (let’s be honest I’m going to gush) to you about some of the best-written horror films, in my humble opinion.

Horror films can be great for a multitude of reasons, such as great characters, great effects, great jump scares (lol kidding), great lore, the list goes on. There’s so much to like and enjoy in this genre and medium.

But one of my favourite things is when I encounter a film that’s been beautifully written.

There’s real thought and nuance behind the dialogue and storytelling, so much so that you get sucked in and its not till the story is over that you realise the craft involved in keeping you that engrossed. I especially enjoy it when I find a film that’s premise is utterly ridiculous, for example the killer grass field by Stephen King. This is literally a film about scary grass. But the writing has taken what is a ridiculous concept and turned it into something, that while not flawless, certainly held my attention and kept me guessing.

So, with that in mind, today I want to talk to you about my top 3 well written horror films.

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Katie Recommends

Today I want to share with you a YouTube channel I’m a big fan of.

Today I want to tell you about FoundFlix, which is a great channel for horror lovers, it covers horror films both old and new. Spoilers abound in the Ending Explained series, where they cover the more confusing aspects of these films, explaining the meaning behind what’s happening on the screen.

Horror Writing

Horror Writing: Mediums

What works for your story?

One of my favourite things about the horror genre is how well it works across nearly all mediums.

I’m going to have a very brief look at some of my favourites today, I’m not covering all mediums by any stretch of the imagination and my look at those I do cover is brief. I’m thinking I may do more exploitative deep dives in later blogs.

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