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Review: Dr Sleep

Shinning sequal

Today I am writing to you about Dr Sleep, which is the sequel to Stephen Kings 1977 novel The Shining. Dr Sleep was published in 2013 and one the 2013 Bram Stoker award for best novel.


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The book opens with Danny being educated by Dick Hallorann, who is now a benevolent spirit, on how to control the ghosts from the now destroyed Overlook hotel who are pursuing him. Danny is taught to lock the ghosts in imaginary boxes in his mind, which is enough to protect him. We are also introduced to a cult, led by Rose the Hat, this cult effectively feed on people who have the shining ability is this extend their lives.

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Review: House of Leaves

This book is weird, in the best way

Today I wanted to write to you about a strange book.

House of Leaves, was written by Mark Z. Danielewski and released in March 2000

Fundamentally this is a story about a house which is revealed to be larger on the inside than is strictly possible. This drew me in as I am a Doctor Who fan, and this immediately put me in mind of Time Lords and the TARDIS.

While, I initially struggled with the unusual layout of the book, I’m extremely glad I stuck with it. The story is marvellous and compelling. As always I will discuss the plot below, but I am going to be making an effort not to spoil to much of the story as it is such a great mystery and one you really need to experience yourself.

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Review: Sleeping Beauties

Nap time

As you know, Stephen King is one of my all-time favourite horror writers, so consider yourself pre-warned that I am not walking into this review with an open mind. I picked up this book expecting to love it and I did.

I suppose that makes this blog more a rave than a review?

I’m not blind to the book’s faults, but as with most of my reviews, I prefer to write about what

I liked as opposed to what I wasn’t keen on. Quite frankly there are enough reviews out there that discuss faults, some fairly and others less so, so I’m going to continue to sit here in my corner of positivity.

Sleeping Beauties was released in September 2017 and is a bloody huge story by Stephen King and his boy, Owen King.

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Classic Horror Reviews: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad

Classic horror has always been a favourite of mine, don’t get me wrong I love modern horror as well, but there’s something special about classic horror, something timeless and bone-chilling. Writer’s voices have a certain something to them that we seem to have lost over the years, a tone shift perhaps, or a way of speaking to your readers.

One of my all-time favourites is The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Plot Summary

Gabriel and his cousin Richard are out on their weekly walk, Richard telling a story about how he is currently blackmailing Mr Hyde, but that the cheque he received was signed by a Mr Jekyll. Gabriel is shocked as he knows Jekyll and is aware he recently changed his Will, leaving everything to a Mr Hyde. He has concerns that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll.

Naturally, Gabriel tries to talk to Jekyll about this, but Jekyll freaks out a bit and demands that they leave Mr Hyde alone.

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