I got the first half of my sleeve done!

Ohh we’re halfway there…

I have been experimenting with horror-themed tattoos for a couple of years now, I had a couple of tiny ones on my wrists with a Lovecraft theme, a tiny Cthulhu and an equally tiny Necronomicon symbol.

I later added to this with the addition of a small raven for Poe.

However, I did catch the bug (metaphorically speaking) and while I liked my tiny tattoos they felt small and disconnected from each other, like a theme but a half-arsed one. So I went to my tattooist and said

“Please use your wonderful art brain to find a way to make my existing tattoos flow, here are some of my ideas”

I handed him some terrible doodles of hearts (for Poe and Shelly equally) and filigree and booked myself in for his next available slot (which was nearly two months away, the dude is popular).

Last weekend I had my appointment.

And it went wonderfully!

My dude also had enough of a feel for me that he knew I’d be back to finish the sleeve even before I knew I was going back to finish the sleeve.

I’m thinking of something for The King in Yellow for the top half of the design.

Anyway here are some pictures, please excuse the terrible quality, I’ve removed the backgrounds as you don’t need to see my messy office, also these were taken maybe an hour or two after it was done so everything is very red and very sore at that point, also some of the smudged ink is still on my elbow lol. Everything is feeling much better now. I may even post better pictures once it’s healed fully.

Reviews - Books

Stories that hold a place in my heart

Story’s affect us all.

Stories can affect us emotionally; most good stories make us feel something. But they can also affect how we see the world, and help us form our opinions on ‘real world’ issues and problems. They can help us relate to people or situations we might not otherwise have ever experienced.  As a 30-something year old, white, English woman there are certain things I will never experience myself and absorbing a wide range of stories, told from different viewpoints and by a diverse range of people can help me understand those experiences better. I often find voracious story consumers to have higher levels of empathy.

Stories can also help us get through difficult times via escapism or by giving us the tools to handle our own challenges. As a massive fan of horror, I sometimes get confused looks when I explain to friends and family that I can take real comfort from stories they might find frightening. But any genre can do all of the above.

Stories come in many mediums, that’s why this website looks at books, films, videogames, online mediums etc. Today I want to talk to you about books. In particular my top five books.

There are some spoilers in today’s letter so make sure you are careful if you don’t want certain stories spoiled for you. I have done my very best to keep spoilers to a minimum though and have put warnings throughout.

So, without further delay and in no particular order…

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Classic Horror

Classic Horror: Lovecraft is being made into films and I’m happy scared.

Ooo Err

Being a huge Lovecraft fan I am both excited as Hell and nervous as Hell about the adaptation to film of some of the stories.

That’s right some!

It’s old news that The Colour Out of Space is being turned into a film, but recently the news broke that The Colour Out of Space is the first of THREE films. That’s right we’re looking at a trilogy.

The Colour Out of Space, directed by Richard Stanley is due out this year and is set to star Nicolas Cage has been hailed as been an adaptation that is more faithful to the original story.

“We had been hellbent on finding the Lovecraft adaptation that truly captured cosmic dread without the camp”.

Sounds good right?

But while I’m excited, I’m also worried. Lovecraft has a special place in my heart, to the point where I put it permanently on my skin, twice! So the risk that this might end up horribly wrong is a real concern.

How do you feel when your favourite stories get made into films?

Classic Horror

Classic Horror: Call of Cthulhu

Missed calls

As you are already aware, I’m a huge Lovecraft fan. So once again I use the word review in the title of this blog lightly, as what is far more accurate a descriptor for this blog is an over-enthusiastic gush.

Today I am going to talk about The Call of Cthulhu. 

The Call of Cthulhu was written by H.P Lovecraft in 1926 and was published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in February 1928. This is a marvellous story for a number of reasons, the foremost being that despite it being a ‘monster’ story it has it’s own unique take on the kind of fear that such a creature should inspire. 

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Classic Horror

Classic Horror: At The Mountains of Madness

Madness in the Mountains

Today I am writing to you about one of my favourite Lovecraft stories, At The Mountains of Madness. This story has inspired horror creators for years, resulting in books, films and games. The world would be a much poorer place without this story.

I recently picked up an audiobook collection of Lovecraft and have been listening to this particular story on the way to and from work. Listening to it has reminded me of just how much I enjoyed this and now I want to talk about how awesome it is.

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