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Book v Film: Horns

Won’t you guess my name?

Horns was one of those ones where I saw the film before reading the book.

Is it just me or do you find that if you see the film before reading the book that you enjoy them both on a more equal footing?

I find that if I read the book first then I generally find the films less enjoyable. I have to work hard to get past my own mental image of the characters, locations etc I also find that I miss the bits they cut more as well. But if I watch the film first then I enjoy both the film and books. I’m not sure if this is to do with the fact that watching a film is a much more passive exercise than reading, or if I’m just happier to accept the actors as my mental image of characters, or if the films I watch before reading the books are just great bloody films.

I think this might be the case with Horns.

The film was fantastic, wonderfully acted, wonderfully scored, it really sucked me in and made me want to go read the book.

Naturally, there are still some differences between the two mediums but before I got into those I wanted to give a little bit of thought as to why my mind works the way it does. 

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Review: Heart-Shaped Box

Rock and roll!

Today I wanted to write to you about Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill. 

Heart-Shaped Box was published in 2007 and was Joe Hill’s first novel. It won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. 

Being a huge Stephen King fan, I was naturally drawn to this book by his son and I was not disappointed. Joe certainly shares his father’s skill for storytelling with well-crafted plots, believable characters and a firm grasp of what makes the horror genre great.  

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