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My tattoo Sleeve is finished!

Last week I was able to get the last section of my literary horror full sleeve finished!

I’m sore today but chuffed as all hell.

We have tributes to Poe (Raven), Mary Shelly (heart), Robert Chambers (King in yellow), Lovecraft (tiny cthulhu), and Robert Louis Stevenson (Erlenmeyer flask).

Please excuse the less-than-optimal photos this is not my skillset lol.


I got the first half of my sleeve done!

Ohh we’re halfway there…

I have been experimenting with horror-themed tattoos for a couple of years now, I had a couple of tiny ones on my wrists with a Lovecraft theme, a tiny Cthulhu and an equally tiny Necronomicon symbol.

I later added to this with the addition of a small raven for Poe.

However, I did catch the bug (metaphorically speaking) and while I liked my tiny tattoos they felt small and disconnected from each other, like a theme but a half-arsed one. So I went to my tattooist and said

“Please use your wonderful art brain to find a way to make my existing tattoos flow, here are some of my ideas”

I handed him some terrible doodles of hearts (for Poe and Shelly equally) and filigree and booked myself in for his next available slot (which was nearly two months away, the dude is popular).

Last weekend I had my appointment.

And it went wonderfully!

My dude also had enough of a feel for me that he knew I’d be back to finish the sleeve even before I knew I was going back to finish the sleeve.

I’m thinking of something for The King in Yellow for the top half of the design.

Anyway here are some pictures, please excuse the terrible quality, I’ve removed the backgrounds as you don’t need to see my messy office, also these were taken maybe an hour or two after it was done so everything is very red and very sore at that point, also some of the smudged ink is still on my elbow lol. Everything is feeling much better now. I may even post better pictures once it’s healed fully.