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Katie’s Stories: Girl in The Shadows Available

My Story that was sold to White Cat Publications is now available online!

Today I wanted to tell you a lovely bit of good news.

Another of my stories has been published.

Here’s an enjoyable little ghost story by Katie Marie, called Girl in the Shadows. Welcome to our writing family, Katie.

“Do you remember when I was little, and I had an imaginary friend?” I said. Mum laughed and lifted a battered cardboard box onto the table. 

“Yes, I remember her very well,” Mum said, opening the box. “Her name was Violet, and she used to get you into a lot of trouble.”

Read the rest here!

Katie's Stories

Katie’s Stories: Horrorzine Book of Ghost Stories

This week has brought some good news!

I have had a short story accepted for publication in Horrorzine’s book of ghost stories!

Who is Horrorzine

The Horrorzine is an award-winning e-magazine that also produces a quarterly print magazine (That I was luckily enough to appear in before). They specialise in all tales ghoulish and ghastly and have a reputation for producing great content both on and offline. They have won Best Fiction and Poetry Magazine every year since 2010, they won magazine of the year in 2013.

What is the Anthology

Horrorzine recently partnered with Hellbound Books and together are publishing the Horrorzine’s Book of Ghost Stories.

As expected, from the title, this will be a collection of ghost stories will feature original stories by Joe R. Lansdale, Graham Masterton, Elizabeth Massie, Tim Waggoner and a Foreword from Lisa Morton

Suffice to say I’m thrilled to have had a short accepted for this collection and look forward to sharing with you all! I still get completely surprised and excited when I am lucky enough to get my pieces published. It’s hard to believe that people are willing to part with their cold hard cash in exchange for my words, hell, I just make these things up.