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Film Review: Rare Exports

Santa Clause is coming to town

I recently took part in a Podcast, during which the topic of conversation turned to Festive horror films and I recommended this movie, Rare Exports. 

It’s a wonderful Christmas horror film and it struck me that it might even be considered a hidden gem, so I want to spread the word about this film by talking with you about it today. 


The story opens with American and British research teams taking samples from the top of Korvatunturi in Lapland, watched by two local boys. This place is believed to be the home of the folkloric creature Joulupukki, who is said to have inspired the modern version of Santa. 

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Katie Recommends: A Christmas Horror Story.

A Christmas Horror Story.

With the festive season being upon us, I am writing to talk about one of my favourite horror films that I feel I cannot talk about at any other time of year.

A Christmas Horror Story.

First of all, this is an awesome film, a perfect blend of Christmas cheer, black comedy and blood-curdling horror. It’s perfect.

The story, or Stories if you will. SPOILERS AHEAD!

This film is an anthology, made up of four short stories tied together by Dangerous Dan a radio host, played by William Shatner. He continuously receives news updates of the horrors going on during the Christmas eve and relays these to his listeners in the form of the stories.