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Horror Writing: Character motivations and why they are so important

Let’s get Motivated!

This week I went to the theatre again, this is one of my favourite ways to pass an evening. I was very much looking forward to this show, however, by the time the curtain fell at the end I was disappointed. I want to use today’s blog to talk about why.

Full disclosure I’m not naming the show at any point, I like to keep this a positive kind of place and this blog is not an effort to bash anyone. This will (hopefully) be a constructive look at why certain stories, regardless of the medium or genre, just don’t work.

We will be talking about a crucial part of all stories, and how if the writer gets this wrong it kills the story dead. It disengages the audience and destroys any narrative they have built. Fortunately, it’s easy not to screw up (which is probably why it’s so frustrating when it does get messed up).

I am talking about character motivation and more to the point consistency with character motivation.

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