Classic Horror

Classic Horror: The Monkey’s Paw

Today I want to talk to you about the short story The Monkeys Paw. 

I cannot imagine that you will not have seen, or heard of, one of the parodies of this story. Someone finds a severed monkey hand that grants wishes that all turn out to produce hopelessly ironic consequences. The adaptations and parodies cross almost all mediums from television to plays, films, comics and even cartoons. The Simpsons did a Halloween episode of the story, the turkey’s a little dry! 

That aside, the original short story was penned by W.W Jacobs in 1902 and was published in the collection titled The Lady of the Barge. 

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“But why!” my little sister, Clara, demanded as I shoved a dish towel at her. 

“Because mum left me in charge, that’s why,” I snapped. Clara snatched the dishtowel from me and pulled the plate from the drying rack before drying it with short, angry motions. 

“They would have dried anyway,” she said. 

“Yes, they would, but if we do it now, then it’s done and we won’t forget to put them away like we did last time,” I said. “You remember last time, right?” Clara took a second plate off the rack and snorted. 

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