It’s Halloween Season!!

Who else is super excited for all the spooky shenanigans?


My name is Rachel, and I work for the Gentleman.

The Gentleman has an interest in the paranormal, the unexplained and the bizarre. He uses his influence and power to investigate strange events and collect evidence. His collection is comprised of this evidence, as well as files and reports of the events.

My job is to build files, take deliveries and keep the place free from dust and mold.

Building files involves taking all the information and evidence the Gentleman has delivered to my door, and collating and annotating it to tell the story of what happened. Sometimes, when the Gentleman has got enough evidence, I can tell an entire story.

Two months ago, I took deliveries for an event we’re calling Firefly. It’s a very detailed case, and there’s enough evidence of a threat to warrant people being warned. This is a copy of the complete Archive report.

It all started when seven-year-old Simon Thompson vanished.


Top Threes

My Top Three Haunted National Trust Locations

Come see my stomping grounds

One of my favourite things to do in my free time when the weather is ‘nice’ aka not pouring with rain is go for walks.

I know it’s original as hell.

My partner and I both very much enjoy visiting places that are owned by the National Trust and have both been members at various points in time. Aside from serving the purpose of preserving our historic landmarks they also happen to maintain some amazing places (recent controversies aside).

Today I want to tell you about super awesome, potentially haunted, National Trust places that are well worth a visit.

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