Horror Writing

Horror Writing: Imposter Syndrome

Big phoney

Today I am writing to you about something that a lot of people across all walks of life will experience, the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. 

I mostly want to talk about this because I got slapped in the face with a big dose of imposter syndrome last week, so it’s very fresh in my mind and the emotions it pulled up are still pretty raw. But also, I want to talk about this because it’s something that is mentioned every so often, but I don’t see as much discussion about it as I would like. Even when there is discussion imposter syndrome tends to get mixed up in self-doubt and self-hatred and I think it’s well able to stand on its own as a topic. Perhaps as a spin-off from self-doubt but I’ll leave those kinds of definitions to the psychologists amongst us. 

Keep in mind I am coming from the perspective of someone who writes, and most of, if not all, the people who I have spoken to about this are also writers so that may influence my viewpoint, though I’m not sure it will because this is a very universal issue that affects all kinds of people in all different situations. 

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