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Horror Writing: How to write a synopsis for an agent

Dear Agent,

Writing a novel is hard work. Writing, editing, re-writing, proofreading, developmental reading, more editing, and yet more rewriting can be utterly exhausting. 

The time and effort you put into writing can make producing a synopsis devastatingly difficult. How on earth do you sum up something that has taken so much of your time and effort? Also, how do you do that and still keep the ‘soul’ of the novel? 

First, we need to understand what kind of synopsis you are writing. There are two types based on your audience. So, you need to identify if you are writing for agents or readers. 

Writing a synopsis for agents is more structured and you will, if you do your research on the agent, get at least some guidance. Regardless, always remember: 

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Videogames: Alien Isolation

One of the best games!

Continuing our conversation about scary video games with a sci fi twist, today I want to talk about Alien Isolation. A very popular and well-conceived game, it is guaranteed to build suspense and dread in any player.

Synopsis (SPOILERS)

You are Amanda Ripley, and it is approximately 15 years after the events of the movie Alien. Ellen Ripley’s (your mum in case you were wondering) ship has been found and you are offered a place on the retrieval team. You arrive at a space station where Ellen’s ship is being held, only to find the station badly damaged (almost like something horrendous happened). You end up separated from your team (because of course you do) and must get around the station on your own.

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