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A Man in Winter

Such Lovely Feedback!

I’m so thrilled with the feedback I’ve received for A Man in Winter and I want to thank you all.

Every now and then, when I need cheering up or reminding that imposter Syndrome is a total %^&*! I pop back on Amazon and give the reviews a read.

A smooth flowing structured story told from the rarest of characters-the elderly.

A Man in Winter made my heart weep for Arthur.

Katie Marie blends the line between reality and the supernatural.

I think I read this in two sittings and the ending is really explosive!

I loved the way the author takes us deeper and deeper into Arthur’s world. She skillfully weaves an elaborate web of threads, intertwining one with the other until the reader is as unsure as Arthur as to what is real and what is not.

A Man In Winter is also told with real heart.

So, yeah, I really want everyone to know just how much I really appreciate you taking the time to give me such lovely feedback. It really makes my days brighter.

Thank you all, so much!