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Horror Writing: The Heroes Journey

Time for a walk.

Today I am writing to you to discuss the Hero’s journey.

The Hero’s journey is a well-known story structure, usually used for adventure-ish style stories, though it can easily be adapted to fit any kind of story. The Hero’s Journey comes from the monomyth developed by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces and later turned into the Twelve Stage Hero’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.

Today I want to explore the hero’s journey in a horror context so as to demonstrate how this structure can be adapted to fit any genre.

Stage One: The Ordinary World

This is effectively the beginning of the story when we demonstrate what the Hero’s current situation is. This is their starting point, they can be happy here or not, but this is their general day-to-day life before anything goes down.

Horror Story Stage One: A group of friends and their families are going camping as they do every year.

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