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Burn Out Rant

Today I want to have a chat about something and nothing. Mostly I’m just looking to get my thoughts down on electric paper, it helps me think straight and make decisions.

Today, and for a little while prior to today, I have been feeling burned out… again.

And this got me thinking about a few things, the main thing is how our flaws can creep up on us. How easy it can be to backslide into bad habits and before you know what’s happened, you’re in trouble.

I am very aware of my flaw of trying to do everything, all the time, very fast. I always do this, ever since I left university. It’s not a new thing, and every time it happens, I say the same thing, “Oh shit, I’m doing it again. How did that happen?” It always happens and it always happens without my noticing it.

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A little TikTok experiment


Last week I started yet another little experiment. I started a TikTok channel.

I’m going to try posting short videos on TikTok and then maybe do compilations of those videos each month on Youtube.

This week’s videos were mostly introduction type videos, which if you receive my letters you’ll already be aware of, so to avoid duplication I’m not sharing them all this week.

Instead, I’m only going to share one.

Meet Finnegan and Mia.