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Katie’s Stories: Girl in The Shadows Available

My Story that was sold to White Cat Publications is now available online!

Today I wanted to tell you a lovely bit of good news.

Another of my stories has been published.

Here’s an enjoyable little ghost story by Katie Marie, called Girl in the Shadows. Welcome to our writing family, Katie.

“Do you remember when I was little, and I had an imaginary friend?” I said. Mum laughed and lifted a battered cardboard box onto the table. 

“Yes, I remember her very well,” Mum said, opening the box. “Her name was Violet, and she used to get you into a lot of trouble.”

Read the rest here!

Katie's Stories

Katie’s Stories: The Girl in The Shadows

My short story The Girl in the Shadows has been sold!

I’m pleased to be able to write and tell you that my story The Girl in the Shadows was purchased by White Cat Publications, an awesome small press that is committed to creating magazines and books that are invigorating, exciting, filled with adventure and romance and unlimited possibilities.

The Girl in the Shadows tells the story of Sam who moves back into the flat she grew up in only to find that she left something very important behind and it’s been waiting for her to come home.