Katie Recommends

Katie Recommends: Jenna Moreci

Heeeeelllooooo everybody

Today I want to talk to you about a great no-nonsense writing advice channel.

Jenna Moreci

Jenna gives useful advice, which is helpful given that she is a writing advice channel. She delivers it in entertaining bitesize bits that are easy to digest. She also backs up her arguments for why she’s advising a certain course of action, which always helps in my opinion as it’s good to know why something works.

Lastly, she has very useful sponsors.

Recently in the last couple of months, Jenna was sponsored by Get Covers and on her recommendation, I gave it a go and boy was she right.

FYI I also recommend Get Covers but I’ll talk about that in another blog, today is about Jenna.

Jenna also has playlists for specific topics, such as characters, marketing, self-publishing etc, so you don’t need to review her catalogue and pick out what might be useful she’s done it for you. Booya.

Haunted Norfolk

Haunted Norfolk: Prime Evil 2022

Super Spooky Haunting Show

Recently the lovely Mr Sherlock and I went to indulge ourselves in the Halloween Spirit by attending this year’s Prime Evil.

Prime Evil is Norfolk’s biggest, multi-award-winning scare experience.

With five differently themed haunts, it’s a lot of fun. We’ve been previously but it was a few years ago and we were thrilled to see how things had been updated and changed.

My favourite, as always was the circus of terror, cause come on who doesn’t love scary clowns. Though the Crypt was a close 2nd for me, not because it was scary but because it was really silly fun.

I love taking part in seasonal shenanigans and will be going back to Prime Evil again in the future.

Excuse the terrible quality pictures, my camera did not like the movement and the dark.