A Man in Winter Out Now!

A Man in Winter by Katie Marie is a horror story on more than one level, weaving murder in

with the tragedy of loss of oneself through dementia.”

“Is there such a thing as tender hearted horror? Well, there is now. Katie Marie’s ghost story,

A Man in Winter, connected with me on such an emotional level.”

“A Mesmerizing psychological mystery from an author who brings a refreshing new voice to horror.”

Welcome to Letters from Katie Marie a Horror Enthusiast and Writer!

Because I have written to you so many times, I’ve broken the letter archive down by topic, to make life easier for us both.

Katie’s Books & Stories
  • Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2017 Cover

I put my money where my mouth is and share my own collection of short stories, and novels. Here you’ll find exerts and links to various stories.


We take a look at the various horror mediums, including books, video games and film. Plus my own personal recommendations. As well as some more obscure horror titles.

Folklore & Real Horror

Not all horror is fictional, here we take a look at some real-world horror and explore the myths that predate even the first horror story. In Tales from the Underground Street and Haunted Norfolk, I explore some of my local myths and stories.

Creepypasta & SCP

Horror can be found anywhere and the internet has its own unique brand of horror. Here we will explore the terrifying world of creepypasta and the internet’s biggest horror writing project, the SCP Foundation wiki.

Writing Horror

Writing horror is unlike writing in other genres, it has its own challenges, mediums and hacks. Here we will look at the how and why of writing horror. Book v Film will see books and films fight each other. Cliches explore the tropes of the genre

Classic Horror

There are many famous horror writers out there, both classic and modern. Here we will explore famous writers, both modern and not and classic horror stories.

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