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Horrific Sounds


Previously I wrote to you to discuss sound.

I talked about how I feel that sound is a tool, used by game designers and film directors, that audiences can easily overlook. Mostly because when sound is well utilised you hardly even notice its there. It becomes an emotion, not something you see or smell but something you feel.

Bad sound work can pull an audience right out of an experience whereas a good one can suck them in and tie them to the chair, forcing them to experience what you want them to.

It makes me a little sad that I write, as it makes using sound difficult, though again, good sound work on an audiobook can be amazing.

Sounds stay with us, a lot like smells, I think I said that last time. Sounds link to memories and resonate with us powerfully. I still cannot hear the beeping of a heart monitor without my own heart rate picking up, as I’m transported back many years to when my mum was in the ICU. Even watching a show on television if I hear that particular sound the memory comes back
unbidden and punches me in the gut.

What got revisiting this topic was a YouTube channel I follow, not a horror related one, but a fun game one. I linked to their video on sounds in games when I last wrote to you about this and lo and behold they recently released another one and I found myself wanting to talk with you and share this. 

Do you have any sounds in games or films that always set you on edge?

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Stephen King: Cell

Don’t Pick Up The Phone

Today I am writing to you to talk about the Stephen King novel, Cell.

Cell is a Post-Apocalyptic story that was released in 2006 and is effectively King’s crack at the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. It received a film adaptation in 2009, starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

The Plot

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The story follows Clayton (Clay) a struggling artist who is trying to reunite with his son after a signal, The Pulse, is sent out over the global phone network and turns almost everyone into mindless animals.

Clay is thrown together with two others, Tom, a middle-aged man, and Alice, a teenager. The three escape the initial chaos and flee to Tom’s home. The next day Clay goes to reunite with his son Johnny and Alice and Tom join him.

During their journey, they come to a prep school with a student and teacher remaining. Here the group learns that those affected by the pulse have become a hive mind and have a psychic connection with each other. They kill the ‘phoners’ around the school while they are vulnerable and then share a dream in which they are individually confronted and killed by the same man who they dub the Raggedy Man.

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Katie Recommends

Alan Wake 2 is out this year!

I’m so excited

For those of you who like shows like Twin Peaks, and books by Stephen King then you’ll love Alan Wake. You may have already played this game, it’s a lot of fun.

Every now and again I remember that we got confirmation of a sequel and I get all giddy.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m gibbering about then, I cannot recommend picking this up enough, but if you’re not sure, then I highly recommend Monty Zanders Critique.

This chap does wonderful videogame critiques that are very details and well thought out.

A lovely rabbit hole to disappear down while we wait for Alan Wake 2.

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April Fools!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day!

While horror is not what comes to mind for most people on April Fool’s Day there is no shortage of horror films themed around pranks and even a few around April Fools Day.

Here are a couple of Recommendations for films (both old and new!) to give a go tomorrow.

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Reviews - Classic Horror

Classic Horror: The Ministers Black Veil

What’s your Secret Sin?

Today I am writing to you about an underrated piece of classic horror. The Ministers Black Veil is a short story that was written by Nathaniel Hawthorn in the 1800s. It was published in 1836 in a magazine and was republished the following year in a collection of short stories by Hawthorn. 


The story starts with the sexton (chap in charge of the maintenance of church buildings) ringing a bell. The reverend arrives and greets his congregation, but all are surprised to see him wearing a veil, which obscures all of his face save for his mouth and chin. Naturally people begin to speculate, while the Reverend gives his sermon on secret sin, his tone being darker than usual. The congregation grow concerned about their own secret sins.

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Can’t Find a Horror Film? WatchMojo has you covered.

So Many Recommendations

Do you ever have a moment when you really want to watch a film, but you just have so many you can’t choose?

I do this all the time, I do it with clothes, books and music.

The other day I was trying to pick out a super spooky film for an evening, and for the life of me I couldn’t think of one. This got me thinking, I tried Google and then I wandered onto YouTube and I found the below lists which were a great inspiration.

Reviews, Reviews - Books

Top 5 Horror Books!

Time for books!

As I may have already said in my letters, I’m on a crusade to cut down the amount of time I spend in front of computer/laptop/phone screens working. This has had a lovely side effect of pushing me back towards some of my older hobbies, drawing/painting, photography and reading.

I’ve been re-reading some old favourites and today I want to share with you my top five horror stories. Some spoilers are below so make sure you are careful if you don’t want certain stories spoiled for you. I have done my very best to keep spoilers to a minimum though and have put warnings throughout.

So without further delay and in no particular order…

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