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Real World Horror: The Woman from Lemb

Dangerous Statue

Today I am writing to talk to you about a statue.

The woman from Lemb is a statue that is said to have caused the death of all of it owners, to the point where it has been nicknamed the ‘Goddess of Death’.

The statue itself is made from limestone and is relatively small and dates back to 3,500BC. It is believed to be a fertility statue.

It was discovered in Lemb (Cyprus) in 1878 and was owned by Lord Elphont. Within six years of gaining the statue, seven members of the Elphont family had died in mysterious circumstances. The following owners Mr Manucci and Lord Thompson-Noel died along with their families after gaining ownership of the statue.

The next owner, owner number four was Sie Biverbrook who, along with his wife and two daughters also died. His surviving sons were extremely freaked own and donated the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum which is in Edinburgh. The statue remains there to this day. You can go see it, if you dare.

However, the statue did not stop its work when it came into the museum’s care, the chief of the section where the statue sits died very suddenly. Since then no one has touched the statue.

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