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SCP-3300 The Rain

Take an Umbrella

Today I am writing to tell to you about SCP-3300, also known as The Rain.

This is a meteorological SCP, in that it is, as the name suggests, a weather phenomenon, to be more specific a localised weather phenomenon.

SCP 3300 is one that captures the imagination in part because it is an interesting concept but mostly due to the added documents that come with the report. While the SCP foundation cannot actively observe SCP-3300 a resident has observed it and we have a copy of their journal which shows a ground-level observation of SCP-3300.

I love the SCP’s where we get proper reports, journals etc as opposed to those which just give a description of the SCP and containment procedures. We get a much more grounding experience with the reports, we get an in-depth emotional account of the SCP and that, for me, is always more engrossing.

So, without further delay, let look at SCP-3300.


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SCP-3300 is an annual event that takes place in Clear Water, Montana. During the event, the entire populace (SCP-3300-1) will disappear overnight and be replaced with an entirely new populace.

The event itself is a storm that takes place in June and typically lasts between one-three weeks. The storm happens regardless of the weather around the town and is completely localised, not moving beyond the town borders. The storm starts light for the first 48 hours, after which the rain will become a severe thunderstorm that lasts for the remainder of the event.

Once the thunderstorm has ended the entire populace will have been replaced with new people. The new populace will not be a carbon copy of the old populace, they will have their own memories, appearance, personality’s etc. they will have no memory of the event beyond the fact that there was a nasty storm. To them, it will seem like they have always lived in Clear Water. There will be no record of them existing anywhere prior to the event. SCP-3300 does not move people from elsewhere into the town it creates entirely new people.

SCP-3300-1 behave exactly like normal humans and are completely unaware of their own nature as SCP’s. Should any of the people living in Clearwater attempt to leave they are to be detained, briefly, under the guise of a police search then they are to be allowed to continue on their way under observation.

The foundation has never managed to observe the internal goings-on during the thunderstorm part of the event. Attempts have been made to send personnel into Clear Water during SCP-3300 but this results either in a total loss of personnel or a total failure to get inside the town.

SCP-3300 is partly self-containing, in the sense that if people outside of Clear Water are told about it, they will automatically give as little thought to it as possible. The effect is on peoples focus not their memory, they will remember being told about SCP-3300 but they won’t be able to focus on it, they cannot pay attention to the town, its people or the strangeness around it.

As the SCP is localised, and as said above, for all intents and purposes contains itself, containment isn’t really an issue. Instead, Clearwater is sealed off and the foundation focuses on observation, though all exploration has been suspended for the time being.

There is a mobile observation post set up five kilometres outside of the town. But when the event begins the observation team move further back to ten kilometres and note any unusual activity.

While the foundation has not been able to observe SCP-3300 directly they have been able to recover a journal that covers the event in 1995. I don’t want to copy-paste the journal here, it’s long and obviously does not belong to me, so instead I’m going to link to a reading. It’s well worth your time giving it a listen here or popping onto the Wiki and reading it yourself.

My Thoughts

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SCP-3300 is a great addition to the SCP catalogue. It has a fantastic atmosphere with elements of thriller horror, classic horror and sci-fi-horror. The feelings of helplessness it evokes are palpable, especially in the journal entry.

Like all SCP’s it has a strong mystery element, no one knows why this happens, why it only happens in this one town or how to stop it from happening.

The stakes are different for different points of view in this particular SCP. For the foundation, the stakes are simply trying to uncover what on earth is going on. But for the residents of Clear Water, the stakes are somewhat higher, with their very survival being on the line. The hopelessness of the situation for the residents is absolute, as even if they make it out of Clear Water they will still disappear and be replaced.

Overall this is a fantastic edition and well worth your time.

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