Folklore: The Bunnyman

Bunnyman bridge

Today I want to talk to you about an American Urban Legend.

The Bunny Man.

Bunny man bridge can be found in Fairfax County outside of Clifton, in Virginia USA. While the bridge itself is nothing exceptional the story around the bridge is something worth indulging in.

First of all, there are multiple stories.

The first is about a mentally unwell teenager who donned a bunny costume, ala Donnie Darko, and murdered his family then took his own life on the bridge. According to the story, the teenager’s spirit haunts the bridge and disembowels passers-by.

The second story goes that a nearby insane asylum closed and inmates were being transferred. During the transfer two inmates escaped and hid in the woods, eating rabbits. At one point one of the escapees was found hanging from the bridge. The surviving inmate was dubbed ‘Bunny man’ and was never found but somehow remains at the bridge killing passers-by.

Despite the story starting here, there have apparently been bunny man sightings across the USA. Usually, Bunny man is armed with an axe and will chase down both adults and children.

My thoughts

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This is a typical urban legend in the best possible sense. It has a straightforward story with roots in some fact. In 1970 there was a manhunt in Fairfax for a man in a bunny suit who had attacked a couple out for a night. By attacked, it is said that he threw a hatchet through their car window. He was seen again a week later attacking a roof support with the axe, still dressed in the bunny suit.

He was never caught or identified.

Kind of reminds me of the spate of clowns in the 2000s

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