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The Biological Motherboard

Today I want to talk to you about SCP-003, the biological motherboard.

This is one of my favourite SCP’s because of its unique take on machine life. Machines being alive and having consciousness is not anything unique but I very much enjoy this particular take on the concept.


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SCP-003 is made up of two parts, each separately labelled as SCP-003-1 and SCP-003-2. Part one is a circuit/motherboard made up of hair, nails etc. it predates all man-made circuitry but a not-insignificant amount of time, aka thousands of years. It is also self-aware and can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

SCP-003-2 is a stone tablet upon which SCP003-1sits. SCP-003-2 is covered in runes that match no language known to man. SCP-003-2 emits controlled bursts of radiation and contains an internal power source that seems to be losing power and has been doing so for some time before discovery.

There is a theory that SCP-003-2 was created to contain SCP-003-1 which is supported by data found in SCP-003-2. There is also a theory that SCP-003-2 reached out to the SCP organisation for aid and allowed for its own discovery, possibly due to its ongoing power depletion.

SCP-003 must be contained in an environment no colder than 35°C but preferably above 100°C. SCP-003 must be kept powered at all times, should the power fail then SCP-003 will increase its mass. Should this happen then skin contact is required in order to maintain SCP-003’s temperature.

Should SCP-003 drop below the required temperature both parts react. SCP-003-1 grows, it does so by converting matter around it into itself, which includes living and non-living matter. Once it reaches a certain mass it will change its shape and form organs that seem to scan the surrounding area and convert it to an unidentified anomalous substance. SCP-003 will also copy the shape of living material around it and attempt to communicate.

SCP-003-2 will emit radiation during a growth period that limits and reverses growth, another reason that the SCP foundation thinks it was created for containment.

Due to this SCP-003 must be isolated and kept away from complex multicellular organisms. Anyone entering SCP-003’s containment area must be checked for parasites and sterilised. Should people come into contact with SCP-003 they must also be sterilised afterwards.

SCP-003-1 and SCP-003-2 must be kept together unless there is an emergency. Should there be a change in SCP-003-2’s activity it must be reported within 3 hours, should activity cease altogether it must be reported immediately.

My thoughts

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I like the fact that this is machine life done differently, there is no overwhelming malic involved, SCP-003 isn’t out to usurp its creator, it’s a living organism that resembles a machine, just doing its thing. Unfortunately, it’s thing could mean the end of life on earth.

I never want to go into too much detail in these blogs as I think the best way to experience these SCP-s is to actually read them on the SCP website, which is why I have not included the addendums here. They are worth your time to read through as they present an interesting take on SCP-003’s growth periods and how it affects the people it comes into contact with.

Like with most SCP’s this one is effective due to many reasons, the unknown element is clearly part of that as well as its apparent threat level, but also the fact that it is aware. The mystery is key to all SCP’s, which again is why the addendum logs are so interesting.

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