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April Fools!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day!

While horror is not what comes to mind for most people on April Fool’s Day there is no shortage of horror films themed around pranks and even a few around April Fools Day.

Here are a couple of Recommendations for films (both old and new!) to give a go tomorrow.

April Fool’s Day 

A group of nine rich college students stay at a friend’s remote island estate and begin to disappear. No one is safe and nothing is what it seems!

This is an 80s classic but had a remake so if you fancy a classic or a more modern take you’ve got options.

The Burning

A prank by a group of kids at a Summer camp goes horribly wrong and leaves a camp counselor in a horrific state. Years later he presumably returns to seek his revenge.

Summer camp horror is always fun, if you’ve played the Quarry this is the kind of film for you 😊

Don’t Hang Up 

Two young guys want to attain internet fame for pranking. It all goes horribly wrong a stranger turns their own game against them seeking revenge.

Scare Campaign 

A production team sets up a location to scare and prank people. Things take a wrong turn when they set up an abandoned asylum and the creepy guy who used to work there turns up.

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