Haunted Norfolk

Haunted Norfolk: St Marys, East Somerton

The Witches Leg

Today I want to write to you about a little walk I took.

As many of you will already be aware I hail from the UK, more specifically the County of Norfolk which has the world’s greatest concentration of medieval churches, more than 650.

A short drive, literally 15 min away from where I live sit the woods of East Somerton which housed such a church. However, this church is no longer in one piece, it fell to disuse in the 17th century.

Nature has reclaimed this ruin.

At least that’s one version of events.

The other version is far more interesting and dramatic. Being that the church was abandoned after a witch placed a curse on it.

During the height of the witch trials, one poor unfortunate witch with a wooden leg was burned alive in the church. As she died she cursed the church, in that her wooden leg would grow into a tree which would sunder the church.

The witch is also said to have put a condition in the curse, being that if anyone walks around the tree three times her spirit will be released.

But ghostly monks are also said to haunt the church and actively prevent her spirit from escaping.

8 thoughts on “Haunted Norfolk: St Marys, East Somerton”

  1. I’ve heard of quite a few similar situations of people placing curses before being executed for witchcraft. One in the Salem Witch Trials was on a judge, that God would give him blood to drink; he apparently died from choking on his own blood. Another in the same trials was on the sheriffs, who, so the story I heard goes, have a history of health problems. Then there was supposedly one in Maine on the adulterous accuser, who condemned his love to preserve himself–that she would dance on his grave; the image of a leg appeared on his gravestone, and it cannot be washed off.

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