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April Fools!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day!

While horror is not what comes to mind for most people on April Fool’s Day there is no shortage of horror films themed around pranks and even a few around April Fools Day.

Here are a couple of Recommendations for films (both old and new!) to give a go tomorrow.

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Off Topic Conversation: What is Negligence

Daily writing prompt
What’s something most people don’t understand?

I saw this prompt pop up today and initially I wasn’t going to respond, as my answer has nothing to do with this website. But then I changed my mind and indulged myself.

Legal rant incoming

You may recall that I spent many years working in the legal profession, I later, thanks to transferable skills, went to work for the local government for a few years. From my experiences in these roles, the one thing I came across that most people don’t understand is negligence in a legal sense.

Negligence is, by UK legal definition, any act or omission which falls short of the standard to be expected of the “reasonable person” or a “reasonable professional”. This is a pretty broad definition, deliberately so, hence why most negligence cases are judged on a case-by-case basis and often require expert evidence to confirm if the standard fell below that of a reasonable person.

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Katie's Stories

The Other Ship Part Two

Ships in the Sea and Sky

Time for Part Two!

“What’s that?” Jake shouted. I crossed the boat to see what he was pointing at. There was something under the water. A soft glow was visible. Small and concentrated like a flashlight. 

“Uh, fish maybe?” I said. 

“Glowing fish?” dad rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s called bioluminescence.” Dad stared at me the way he often did when he wasn’t sure if I was having him on. “Seriously, Google it when we get back.” 

“First hums, now glowing fish,” dad said. 

“It’s moving,” Jake said. The humming grew louder. I could feel it rumbling through my body. Smaller items on the boat were shaking. “It’s moving real fast.” I looked over the side of the boat to see Jake was right. The light was moving, it was racing back and forth under the boat and getting bigger with each lap. 

“It’s coming up,” I realised. “Shit, we need to move now!” 

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Katie's Stories

The Other Ship Part One

Ships in the Sea and Sky

March seems to have turned into the month of sharing my work with you. Below is a short which is my first, and possibly only, attempt at Sci-Fi Horror.

I was in my thirties when I saw the other ship. 

It was a calm night, and the sea was quiet. Only the soft sound of waves brushing against the boat prevented total silence. The sound was rhythmic and soothing, adding to my sense of peace. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of the sea. 

“We should have taken this up years ago,” my dad said, settling back in his chair and cracking open his third beer. 

“Yup, told ya so,” Jake, my dad’s lifelong friend and current roommate, smirked. “You should have listened to me.” 

“Night fishing hardly sounds glamourous,” I said. “Especially when the only experience we have of it is you getting in at 5 in the morning reeking of beer and fish guts with nothing to show for it.”

“Fish is not the reason I come fishing,” Jake said. “It’s for the peace, the beer and the atmosphere.” 

“And now the company,” dad said. Jake held out his beer can for a clink and the two laughed.

“I have to admit,” I said. “This is peaceful.” 

It was pitch black except for the moon, a few stars, and the light of the boat. Jake was right, this was peaceful. There was something infinitely soothing about a calm sea at night. I decided that I might have to take them up on the offer to tag along on a few more trips. 

“This is nice, just the sound of the sea,” Jake said, echoing my thoughts.

“It would be even nicer if you’d shut up,” Dad said. Jake laughed. 

We sat in comfortable silence, listening to the sea wash against the side of the small fishing boat. 

I was drifting off when dad shook me. 

“Did you hear that?” he said. I sat up, blinked the sleep from my eyes and listened, but all I could hear was the sea and Jake softly snoring in his chair. Nothing else. 

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Classic Horror

Classic Horror: The Ministers Black Veil

What’s your Secret Sin?

Today I am writing to you about an underrated piece of classic horror. The Ministers Black Veil is a short story that was written by Nathaniel Hawthorn in the 1800s. It was published in 1836 in a magazine and was republished the following year in a collection of short stories by Hawthorn. 


The story starts with the sexton (chap in charge of the maintenance of church buildings) ringing a bell. The reverend arrives and greets his congregation, but all are surprised to see him wearing a veil, which obscures all of his face save for his mouth and chin. Naturally people begin to speculate, while the Reverend gives his sermon on secret sin, his tone being darker than usual. The congregation grow concerned about their own secret sins.

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Random Stuff

We have a ‘New’ Office Space!

New Room to Write in

This weekend the wonderful Mr Sherlock and I redecorated our office space.

Prior to the weekend, we had a full-on clear-out. Our office isn’t the biggest of rooms and we wanted to feel like we had more space. We also wanted a colour that would make us feel less like a spare room with desks and more like a proper writing space.

This is the old office. As you can see it’s crowded, cramped and a bit dingy.

This is the new office and we’re super happy with it.